About Us

Let’s make better homes. Let’s make homes better.

SmartHome NX is a discovery platform for consumers to find technology solutions that fulfil and enrich their lifestyles, thus enabling them to live smarter.

It all started with our own struggle to find smart solutions to our everyday problems. Simple things like monitoring our home when we were away, or automating accessibility for our house-help was a challenge. Finding solutions that were reliable, and well-trained experts who could implement them to perfection was like finding a needle in a haystack- nearly impossible.

Sure, industry experts offered product expertise, but few understood individual lifestyle needs. And while there were dozens of product-specific platforms, both online and offline, there wasn’t a single credible source that offered tailored solutions for our specific lifestyle needs and preferences.

SmartHome NX was conceived to fill this gap in a highly fragmented market of products and services. We decided to create a platform that would cover all aspects of home technology, including smart home (connected devices), home automation, the next generation of connected consumer electronics and home appliances; and even products that could help contemporary users live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We believe the potential of IoT in the smart homes domain is enormous; and it is our goal to help people discover the right solutions for their homes and live smarter lives through SmartHome NX.


The convergence of discovery IoT devices and changing lifestyles

With an aim to facilitate discovery, our approach is to help consumers find inspiring ways to adopt home technology.

But adoption starts with discover and discovery begins finding a useful resource.

Sparking ideas, innovation, and automation

SmartHome NX offers simplified content that inspires, educates, and drives consumers to think about home improvement in ways they hadn’t thought about before and to embrace technology in light of the connected world we live in.

Aligning technology with lifestyle

For anyone looking to adopt a smart home lifestyle, we offer a wide range of selected smart devices from reliable partners. Each of these products has precise applications and problem-solving capabilities to solve specific problems at home.



For consumers: To enrich their lives by saving the time, energy and effort involved in carrying out mundane activities at home.

For smart device manufacturers: To help them expand their reach, tap prospective customers, and provide them with audience insights so they can create better experiences for the consumer through value-added services.

For the larger IoT ecosystem: To work seamlessly with smart city initiatives across Asia.


To become the world’s most trusted discovery platform for smart home products and services.


Trustworthy: We strive to build a credible platform that gives consumers a true sense of how technology can enrich their lives. Additionally, our partners are hand-picked to ensure they bring only the most reliable technology to the end user’s doorstep.   

Nifty: Our offerings are nifty - be it content, products or services. The cutting-edge technology we advocate is truly functional and useful to the end user. We talk about products that can really transform living spaces, rather than just trends that will eventually fade away.

Savvy: Our approach is savvy. We bring together two important facets of urban living – homes and technology – explaining the advantages of smart living to consumers who wish to better their lifestyle while lessening their carbon footprint.

Our Team

Dhaval Doshi


Dhaval is a serial entrepreneur with 11 years of wide-ranging experience in marketing, advertising and e-commerce. His previous stints have been with ecommerce ventures and most recently with Indigo Consulting (Leo Burnett) managing digital marketing mandates for brands like Bajaj, Axis Bank, Amazon Prime Video. He has now stepped into the world of IoT and automation with Smarthome NX with like-minded people who share his vision to make homes better and smarter with technology.

Namrata Doshi

Subject Matter Expert

With 11 years of experience in architecture and interior design, Namrata is a thought leader and a professional with expertise in a variety of domains such as industrial, commercial, retail, and residential architecture and design. Having worked with leading corporations like Apple Inc., Tata, Future Group Namrata’s prowess in design thinking, space planning and project management adds a new dimension to SmartHome NX and helps people find strategic solutions