Our Smart Working Manifesto

At Smarthome NX, we are trying to build an organisation that works better. This means a lot for the people who work with us:

Better work-life balance

Flexible and more efficient working hours and most of all becoming a part of

...a culture that is inclusive, fun and focussed on doing great work.

Here are the key things you should know if you are interviewing for a position with Smarthome NX

  • Industry Competitive Salaries - make more money than anywhere else for your experience in the industry
  • Work from Anywhere (with an allowance to work from coffee shops as and when you like)
  • Beer Fridays every month make for great team bonding ;-)

How we make this work:

  • Asynchronous communication - we rely on Slack / Hangouts and the likes to get more work done no matter what the time is
  • Google Sheets - for tracking tasks and for discussing every pointer
  • Monthly Objectives using OKRs as a tool - A tool used by Google to measure whether we are hitting our goals and doing what we are tasked to.
  • Week Start Meetings & Reviews - Remotely or not, we ensure we begin and wrap up a week discussing key work that needs to be done.

Jobs we are hiring for:

  • Digital Operations Manager - 0 to 3 years experience
  • Business Development Specialist - 0 to 3 years experience
  • Content Head - 0 to 3 years experience
  • Executive Assistant - 0 to 3 years experience Videographer - 0 to 3 years experience

To apply, please email your resume to dhaval@smarthomenx.com with your portfolio.