Catching zzz’s lately has become more of a task lately. You come home late after a busy day at work, yet instead of nodding off, you’d prefer to stare at some screen for a couple of hours before you finally decide to sleep. And then there are some who always have trouble falling asleep. It’s almost 2019, there are technologies out there that makes sleeping easier. So here we are with a list of devices which you can use for a healthy sleep.


1) White Noise Generator:

The environment we live in currently has made our bodies so used to noise, that one wouldn’t be able to sleep without some noise in the background. This noise can be emanating from the fan, the ticking clock, a distant car honking etc. To help you sleep better, you can be artificially one with nature with the Kedsum White Noise Machine Generator. It has 10 inbuilt sounds ranging from white noises to natural sounds to a lullaby. The noises will help you slip into a slumber much easily! It also has the ability to drown out other noises in the background which makes sleeping, a lot better!

white noise generator

2) Fitbit:

More data about your sleeping schedule helps you analyse it better. Sleep trackers continuously monitor your sleep – how deep are you asleep? How many times did you wake up in the middle of the night? The number of hours you slept etc. The Fitbit works flawlessly, giving you data and report about the quality of your sleep, It can even wake you up with a silent alarm. It can also help find moments of calm throughout your day with personalised guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.


3) Withing’s Aura:

The Withing’s Aura is a high-tech sleep-tracking system designed to both monitor and improve your sleep quality, and wake you up smoothly at the best time of your sleep cycle with dedicated light and music programs. The multi-colour LED dimming light technology makes the most of a proven correlation between light wavelengths and secretion of Melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. It has a smart alarm which adapts to your sleeping pattern. The discreet sensors can monitor your heart rate, breathing cycles and body movements. All this data is available to you the next morning through the app. It can show you your quality of sleep, duration of sleep, the time it took to fall asleep and lot more of the comprehensive data.

withings aura

4) Nokia’s Sleep Pad:

Nokia’s new mattress pad wants to change the way you sleep. This Wifi enabled device sits under your mattress and gives out all sorts of stats about your sleep. It can track your sleep, including how long you were sleeping, how restfully you slept and even your snoring! In the end, the mattress will give you a score with details on last night’s snooze, including recommendations on ways to improve. It can also integrate with IFTTT, so you can turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature etc whenever the mattress senses that you’re getting in or out of the bed. It can also work with Amazon Alexa.

sleep pad

5) Rythm Dreem:

This might sound like magic, but the Rythm Dreem is a sleep-helmet which you can wear at night for a deep sleep. The Dreem measures your brain activity. It can analyse whether you’re in deep sleep or light sleep or REM (sleep which involves dreams). It can even sense your eye movements too! How it works is, it can send optimally timed noises via bone conduction that is meant to trigger deep sleep cycles and keep the sleeper in deep sleep for longer. The goal is a faster entry into deep sleep, and more rest in less time. This does sound like a ‘Dreem’, right?


You now have the power to cocoon yourself in the warm comfort of technology. Sleep right, sleep tight with smart tech!

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