Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity that every individual deserves. However, in big cities today, the water is contaminated to such an extent that people rarely get pure water to drink. Some of the contaminants in water pose a greater health risk and even put you in life-threatening condition.

However, to reduce water contamination and imbalances in the water, RO water purifiers come as saviors. Drinking RO water provides benefits to people with high blood pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes and chronic health conditions – as the sodium molecules from water are removed.

livpure smart ro

Image source: livpure

With a focus on delivering the best quality purifiers, Livpure has established a new benchmark for water purification technology. Its Smart RO water purifier can remove water contaminants like turbidity, chlorine, magnesium and even pesticides. It is equipped with many hi-tech features and is highly capable of enhancing and enriching the mineral quotient of the drinking water. One can monitor and control these parameters through their smartphone. The in-built touch screen shows real-time monitoring of purity.

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