Voice assistant has been a rage lately. First, it was just a better iteration of what we had in our smartphones. Then they evolved to become a standalone speaker that could control your house. Now, things got even better as these voice assistants now have a display to make work a lot simpler!
Amazon vs google voice assistants

Google’s take at such smart voice assistants came in the form of the Google Home Hub, launched a couple of weeks back. This device is in direct competition with Amazon’s Echo Show. So, how do they stack up with each other? Let’s find out!

Both get the job done well as voice assistants and, they use their touchscreens to display extra information.  Weather, a search of nearby restaurants, a calendar check and a lot more can be done with these smart displays. Where they differ is, the Echo Show has a camera and the Home Hub doesn’t (because of privacy concerns). But the Home Hub has native Youtube integration and a cool feature called Ambient EQ – which can adjust the display brightness according to the light and time of the day. The Hub can also turn itself into a picture stand where images from your phone displayed as a photo in a frame and the pictures keep changing at regular intervals.

The touchscreen is helpful on both the Hub and the Show, but the Hub makes better use with two pivotal tasks – it can visually organise your smart home devices and can also offer step-by-step video tutorials of recipes. And to add to that, the Hub is a brilliant digital photo frame – thanks to its software which omits the blurred images from your Google Photos gallery and provides you with nostalgic photos of your family and places you have visited in the past.


The Hub stands at a 7-inch display size, while the Show has a 10.1-inch high definition display. The Show definitely takes the game here with it’s better screen real-estate. Also, the Hub’s lack of size prevents it from keeping up with the Show in sound quality. If you want booming music from your smart display, the Show’s the better bet.

With a better design and with more colour options, the Hub definitely takes this prize here, as it’s more aesthetically pleasing. The second-gen Echo Show looks much better than the boxy first gen, but the Hub with its cute size and colour options help it blend better with any room.

While dwarfed in size and sound quality, the Google Home Hub makes better use of its touchscreen than the Echo Show. It also costs less, takes up less room and is more helpful at a couple of key tasks like cooking tutorials and youtube streaming. While Alexa and Google Assistant are fairly evenly matched overall, the Home Hub is the better fit for most shoppers interested in a smart display.

Google vs Amazon smart voice assistants

The Hub has a smaller screen and an okayish sound quality, but it makes better use of its touchscreen than the Echo Show. Also, the Hub is cheaper compared to the Echo Show. So, if you can make do with a smaller display and the sound quality, the Google Home Hub is the voice assistant with a display to go with.