Not everyone is a fan of cleaning – unless you’re Monica from the famous TV show ‘FRIENDS’. And when it comes to cleaning, you cannot avoid it since keeping things dirty isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, there exist companies like Karcher Cleaners, who provide you with cleaning equipment that’d make your lives easier.


Enter – Karcher Cleaners – a German company aimed to innovate cleaning solutions. Founded in 1935, Karcher is one of the world’s leading cleaning solution provider and is active in over 190 countries. Karcher produces state-of-the-art machines that make cleaning easier and reinvent the cleaning processes with new ingenious products. And due to this constant innovation, 95% of the products sold by Karcher are less than 5 years old.


Karcher Cleaners have been sold to customers in India for 20 years now.  And their “Karcher Academy” is one modern take to educating the customers. It can accommodate up to 80 people and is being used for customer seminars, sales and service training, special cleaning educational seminars and other similar gatherings.


What Karcher does differently?

Home to advanced infrastructure equipped with sound machines and equipment, Karcher has been catering to the needs of their customers in the most efficient manner. A team of skilled professionals who are experts in their field manage different processes. The cleaning machines and equipment are available in user-defined specifications and designs, keeping their convenience in mind. And in the end, Karcher’s innovations keep the product line fresh and up-to-date according to the need of the market.


Here are a couple of products from Karcher that are eliminating cleaning woes in India.


High-Pressure Cleaners:

Karcher invented the high-pressure washer – and continues to reinvent it again and again. Karcher pressure washers are the perfect solution for every cleaning task – whether gentle treatment or powerful cleaning. Dirt domination ends with these innovative Karcher products. Karcher adds value to your environment and gives back value: old becomes new, shabby becomes chic. The development of innovative high-pressure cleaners are possible – thanks to passionate engineering, highest quality requirements and decades of experience.


Features and benefits:


1) Savings:

The patented Karcher nozzle technology suited to each individual model makes it possible to save up to 50% cleaning time. Compared with the competition, the Kärcher devices are distinguished by a greater cleaning performance and efficiency. Cleaning takes place faster with time savings of up to 50% and thus also the energy and water savings of up to 50%.

2) Efficiency:

For almost 80 years, Karcher has been perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning and is constantly evolving according to the market demands. With more than 1300 patents, the company’s inventive spirit is always high. This innovative spirit has positioned Karcher as world’s cleaning technology leader.

3) Reliability:

Karcher manufactures all of their devices in their own factories to the highest production standards. Before the products leave the factory, they are fully tested for their functionality and performance. That is why, they can deliver the perfect products, which speak for themselves in terms of their performance capabilities and long service life.


Karcher Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner:

Karcher’s hot water high-pressure cleaner is intuitive to operate. It’s eco-efficiency mode and optimised burner engineering makes it highly efficient and environment-friendly.

1) High Efficiency:

In the eco-efficiency mode, the machine operates in the most economical temperature range (60°C) – with full water flow. The burner cycles are optimized to reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to full-load operation.

2) Reliability:

The Soft Damping System (SDS) compensates for vibration and pressure peaks in the high-pressure system. Large, easy-to-reach water fine filter protects the pump against dirt particles in the water.

3) Storage:

There are spacious compartments for cleaning agents, gloves or tools and is easy to reach for operators.

4) Display:

Shows off precise information through its LCD screen like – indicators for fuel, cleaning agent and system care.


With up to 350 bar of working pressure, this machine cleans even the most stubborn dirt away. The robust cage design protects the entire machine and makes it possible to load it safely.

1) High-performance crankshaft pump:

Reliable and durable Karcher high-performance crankshaft pump ensure optimal pressure.

2) Handy and convenient:

The lance holder and the integrated hose hook ensures that the accessory is ready at the machine. The hour meter always shows the exact operating time of the pump.

Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher’s vacuum cleaners are equipped for all possible cleaning tasks. Special filter systems and individual accessories enable these robust vacuum cleaners to pick up different types of dirt quickly and thoroughly or remove stubborn stains from textile surfaces.


This is one extremely quiet machine. With a combination of high ergonomic comfort and two park positions for floor tool with an outstanding suction performance and enormous working radius, application of this Vac is wide and easy.

Karcher Eco-Efficiency Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Features and Benefits:

1) Energy-savings:

The 750W eco-efficiency dry vacuum cleaner clean just as thoroughly as the basic version – allowing it to be energy-efficient with the exceptional cleaning performance.

2) Low noise:

These are perfect for noise-sensitive areas. The efficient motor avoids all the hullabaloo and does the job well sans the noise.


Whether dry or wet, coarse or fine, the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners remove all dirt – even large volumes of water. With the Tact2 range, the two motors with its high suction power, and enhanced filter life give you long-term worry-free reliability

Karcher Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Features and Benefits:

1) Easy in, easy out with tilting chassis:

The tilting chassis enables you to simply tilt back the container and empty into the drain. It provides you with high stability for easy emptying.

2) Ease of access:

Suction tubes and floor nozzles can be stored in any direction in the accessory holders. There’s ample storage for a 4 m hose and rubber power cord.

3) Secure:

The container is always securely attached to the chassis. There’s a drain hose for emptying liquids. The cover remains tightly closed until the contents are drained.


Products from Karcher’s make sure you live in a clean and safe environment, always!