Try saying “Hey Google, make me a sandwich” and your smart assistant will probably reply you with **magical sound** “You’re a sandwich!” This is 2018 and smart assistants have just been able to help you out with making appointments and helping you out with the smart devices around your house. What if we say there exists a robotic kitchen that can deliver mouth-watering delicacies without the physical presence of a human? Yep, that’s Moley for you.

Moley 3

As futuristic as it sounds, Moley is the world’s first fully functioning robotic kitchen. This does sound straight out the 90s cartoon, ‘The Jetsons’. Moley can cook over 100 dishes currently The number is set to rise further up to 2000 soon. And this will not necessarily be your regular old recipes. Moley is capable of recreating master dishes from top chefs by following the downloaded recipes. That means you can enjoy Gordon Ramsay style prepared dishes at the comfort of your home.

Moley 1

Moley has unlimited access to chefs and their recipes worldwide. According to Mark Oleynik— CEO and Founder of Moley Robotics, the way this machine works is by specifying the number of portions, type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, calorie count, desired ingredients, cooking method, chef, etc. from the recipe library first. Then, with a single tap, you could choose your recipe, place the individual pre-packaged containers of measured, washed and cut ingredients (that you could order through Moley) on designated spots, and press “start” for the cooking process to begin.

Moley has two ‘hands’ which are articulated to move in different directions with numerous degrees of freedom. It is coupled with tactile sensors and sophisticated control systems. It can download a recipe from the internet and reproduces it exactly as the MasterChef would have cooked it, where you are in the world! Moley is truly a testament to the growing power of Artificial Intelligence.

It took 12 months of rigorous development to make Moley full functional. Moley’s hands can reproduce the entire function of human hands at the same speed, sensitivity and movement.  The cooking skills of Master Chef Tim Anderson, winner of BBC Master Chef Title were recorded on the system. His every motion, nuance and flourish was then replayed through the robotic hands. This is a confident step that provides a basis for the development of a mass market. Though it costs a lot at the moment, future innovations and better technology will help bring down the costs considerably.

Moley 2

So, a couple of years down the line, when you ask your smart home assistant to make you a sandwich, you might actually be served one!