The ordeal of a city dweller living in an apartment is a well known to everyone. He has to deal with the noise both from inside and outside his house. The noise from our neighbors clomping above us or through the walls is very frustrating. And our home which we regard as an oasis of peace turns into a scene of noisy confusion.

Well, now homeowners have many options to deal with unwanted sound from surroundings. There are many ways to deaden this. Installing acoustical ceiling tiles is one of the effective ways to treat the noise problem. You can stop noise at the source by installing noise reducing tiles or panels below the ceiling surface. They absorb sound and reduce echo while preventing the noise from traveling to adjacent rooms.

gyproc accoustic ceiling

Acoustic ceiling

Image source: gyproc

Acoustic ceilings seem to be very advantageous to enclosed spaces that might require quiet environments. They can absorb sound due to the unique shape and materials from which they are formed. Additionally, these tiles can also be used for a decorative purpose to improve the appearance of an interior. You need not worry about losing room height, as these ceilings need 3”- 5” of clearance, leaving plenty of headroom. You can use them for a quick fix in the room you want to quiet down.

Gyproc India is one of the leading companies that offer energy-efficient insulation solutions such as – drywall partitions, false ceilings, gypsum plastering etc. They offer high-end solutions and are trusted for reliable and state-of-the-art technology.

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