Some would love to step out and feel the rain beating down on their face, while some would prefer to stay back and sip on some hot mocha – both sound awesome though. But, no matter how much you love the rains, it’s not so friendly when it comes to drying out your washed clothes. So, what do you do when you have a pile of washed clothes and no sun in sight?

And no, wearing wet clothes is weird and is not an option.

Instead of creating a miniature big bang to recreate the Sun, get yourself Eunike’s electric cloth dryer. It’s simple, hassle-free and gets the job done. And by getting the job done means you get dry clothes 365 days of the year – no matter if there’s a thunderstorm happening out there. Why is this electric dryer, the best bet in the monsoons? Read on to find out:


rain - cloth dryer


1) No Rocket Science:

You won’t need an engineering degree to assemble Eunike’s electric cloth dryer. It is so easy to assemble, anyone – literally, anyone can do it. Easy peasy! And it doesn’t even take up much space. For houses with space constraints, this product is the perfect option when the weather outside isn’t favourable.


2) No Sunlight:

No Sun, only rain? No problem! This dryer can dry your clothes without the sun – thanks to electricity. It’s smart, it’s practical, and you can dry your clothes without the worry of them getting wrinkled! With this dryer, you won’t have to worry about wet clothes getting piled up ever again! Definitely, this is the smartest way of drying off clothes.


3) Safe:

rain - clothes dryer

It is as safe as your mobile phone. The heat passes directly onto the clothes and dries them effectively. And it is 100% shock-proof! And for the germophobes, this is the perfect device as there are fewer chances of bacteria settling in on your damp clothes.

Portable, easy to store and carry, handy and lightweight – these are some keywords millennials hunt for whenever investing in any form of technology. And Eunike’s electric cloth dryer passes with flying colours. Enjoy the rain, let the machine worry about drying your clothes!


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