Who knew your regular old mirror would be getting a definitive upgrade? Looking back 10-years, the level of comfort had been constantly evolving and, today we are showered with devices that enhance our comfort level in every criterion – health, fitness, entertainment, chores etc. And here we are, where a smart mirror can do a lot more than by just showing off a reflection of yourself.

What if we say, your mirror can do a lot more than just being, say, a mirror? No, we haven’t reached the stage where it can show who’s the fairest of them all, yet. Although things have spiced up pretty much in the smart mirror market. Gelling up different technologies have given birth to a fresh crop of innovative mirrors. These mirrors can tell you the date, time, the temperature outside, your body fat percentage, what’s on your schedule etc. You can even speak to your mirror, and we aren’t kidding!

Naked Labs Mirror – showing you your true you:

And then there’s a mirror which can scan your whole body, show it to you in a 3D composite model of yourself with a bunch of other data. That’s the smart mirror from Naked Labs for you. This is the world’s first home body scanner which takes 3D maps of your body and highlights areas where you figure has changed. All you have to do is stand on the scale in front of the mirror, and it will slowly start to rotate. The sophisticated, depth-sensing cameras hidden in the mirror’s frame will gather about 4 gigabytes worth of data by the time the scale completes its rotation 6 or 7 seconds later. Post the scan, your results are presented to you through the app. A nearly naked scan of your body along with body-fat percentage, lean mass and fat mass, circumferences, side-by-side comparisons, and graphs of historical data is presented to you through the app. That’s right, every nook and cranny of your body is accurately presented to you through the 3D scan. You can use this data for your future references – to check what has changed over time and track your progress.

This $1400 (Rs. 1 lakh approx) isn’t really what you call cheap, but this mirror from Naked Labs is the epitome of where smart home technology is right now. This is the first generation of their product and prices will come down eventually, as the technology gets smarter. Shedding off your inhibitions and looking at your body through the app will definitely motivate you to better yourself.


U – all at one place:

Speaking about looking good, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror – making sure every aspect is perfect. What if we say, you can orient yourself with all data from across the smart ecosystem with your smart mirror? The U-Personal Smart mirror serves for the same purpose. We live in a world several technologies around you gather data about you (with consent though) – say smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart health devices and even devices in your smart home. The U can display all the data from the smart ecosystem on the mirror – orienting yourself with all the needed data in one place. This ingenious mirror makes it easier to be updated with all the data – your heart rate, your blood pressure, the number of steps you took etc. It can even schedule and store the data related to the medicines you take and remind you when to take them. The interface is intuitive and the user can interact through gestures. If users like to have a daily, weekly or even a long-term goal, they easily can get rewarded for their achievements, hence keeping the experience interactive.

Duo – Not your ordinary old mirror:

The virtual assistant rage has been growing forever, and who doesn’t love it anyway. Alexa, Google and Siri will stay for a long time and their implementation has been constantly evolving. And then there’s this 27-inch Mirror which has a brain of its own i.e. AI. Named the Duo, it looks like a mirror, feels like a mirror, works like a mirror – but just that it has a whole computer inside it. It has multitouch, built-in apps with its own app store, connectivity to smart devices, facial recognition, multi-user support, and natural language recognition. And then there’s Albert – your butler or in other words, a personal AI assistant. Albert lets you control any app with your voice. And you can even personalise Albert in every aspect like – name,  gender, accent and jokes! So when was the last time you spoke to a mirror and it replied?

MemoryMirror – Fashion game strong:

Let us all admit, we spend quite a lot of time admiring our beauty and embracing whatever we are wearing. The mirrors inside fashion stores must have seen countless people checking out their new dress, its fitting and having a second opinion in the end. Enter – MemoryMirror – a digital mirror that is designed for in-store clothes shopping, capturing stills and video of everything you try on. Using simple body gestures, or via a companion mobile app, you can control the mirror to see a 360-degree back and side views and observe outfits side by side. It can also let you change the colour of clothing with a gesture or view an outfit in different colours in real time without changing clothes. This is simplified shopping for you! The MemoryMirror can also capture a variety of the whole body still and video images that you can share with friends, so you can have a second opinion about your fashion sense. So, quit wasting time changing clothes back to back to see which colour suits you the best, use MemoryMirror instead!


Juno – Simplifying makeup:

So, fashion alone just doesn’t make the cut. You need a good makeup to appreciate your fashion sense too. A good makeup needs good lighting. So there might be times where you looked good in the mirror but as soon as you head out in the sun, you see the ‘true’ colours. Wished for an adjustable light along with a mirror to make things easier? Meet – Juno – a mirror that will help you shine a whole new light on your makeup routine. Juno has different light settings built-in and a studio-grade ring light for picture perfect selfies and more. Preloaded settings like indoors, office and evenings can help you rock your look always. You can also use it as a reading lamp with a flick of a wrist. Moreover, the integrated storage tray can store all your beauty and makeup needs. There you go, go slay the makeup game!

It’s the 21st century, you can do a lot more with a mirror than by looking at yourself in it. These examples are concepts of today but can be of mainstream use down the line. As it gets inexpensive down the future, these smart mirrors will be found in every house! Who knows, maybe one day the mirrors will be able to reflect our true personalities? Only time will tell.


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