Stuck in the same old boring cubicle? The four walls which surround you feel like will compress the living life out of you? That’s how most of the 9-5 office goers feel like when their work sucks, but they need the bucks!

So for the people who are stuck in reverse, here’s what you need to do. Since you can’t afford to change the job, you can change the environment of your cubicle. These are the gadgets that’ll revive your work life and help you find that lost productivity:


1) Multipurpose Pen:

You have to give a presentation in the next 5 minutes, but can’t find the laser pointer! Panic sets in and you search for your pen, but you can’t find that either. You feel an anxiety attack setting in! All of this does sound like a nightmare, but not for the ones for own this multipurpose pen. It functions as a pen, torch, laser, retractable pointer and magnet – a perfect corporate companion. Now you know what you need before your next presentation.

Multipupose Office pen

2) Keep your posture in check:

Every 5th person aged between 16-34 suffers from a backache – thanks to bad sitting postures, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle. Spending 8 hours in front of the laptop in a slouched posture does have an adverse effect on your spine. Hence, get the eStand Ergo – an ergonomic stand that can be set to sitting and standing positions. Give your back a break (pun intended) by switching positions regularly throughout the day.

cubicle stand

3) Self-stirring mug:

For the person who can’t afford to lose a minute, even at the coffee station, needs to get hold of this mug! The self-stirring mug eliminates the need for you to physically stir to mix the sugar in the coffee/tea. It is battery-operable and gets the job done sans the spoon. Coffee breaks in the cubicle, now made easy!

office mug

4) Fidget cube:

This executive work toy helps you focus on your work better. Every side of the cube has a different fidget capability, helping you relieve stress, stay calm and focus better on your work. Unlike the fidget spinner, this is a much efficient way to concentrate on your work.

fidget cube

5) AirBar:

Do you believe you can get your work done faster only if your laptop was a touchscreen? Say no more! The AirBar can make any laptop’s screen into a touchscreen! Believe it or not, this simple attachment lets you touch, pinch, swipe, draw and rotate whatever’s on your laptop screen. So, you don’t need to break your bank to buy a touchscreen laptop. All you need is this AirBar.

There’s your cue to add a new phase of life into your workspace. Work hard, but work smarter!