Winter is almost here. Out come the jackets, gloves and everything that’ll help you sustain the warmth. And then there’s a special winter inside the offices – where the temperatures are so low that they’ll compete with a hill station. So be prepared anyways with these handy gadgets which will help you withstand chill temperatures:

1) Heated insoles:
There is nothing comfier than a pair of warm legs. And when your legs stay warm, your whole body feels comfortable. So if you suffer from cold feet every now and then, you need this heated pair of insoles. The state-of-the-art wireless thermal technology makes sure the soles don’t get too hot to be uncomfortable and make your feet sweat. These are the best solution to your cold feet.

Heated insoles for winter

2) Hand warmers:
Warm feet – done! Next up, warming up our hands. Gloves do their job well, but at times it becomes a struggle to work with things while having the gloves on. That’s why you need a hand warmer. this nifty little device can warm up your hands with ease. It can also act as a power bank and can power up your smartphone!

winter palm warmer

3) Mug Warmer:
Coming back to really cold offices – the hot coffee on your table turns cold in a matter of minutes – all thanks the AC blasting cold air all the time. Hence, get yourself a USB powered Mug Warmer! All you have to do is plug it into your PC/Laptop and place the mug on it and your coffee/tea will stay hot as long as you wish! And it will also look pretty cool on your desk with various designs and colours.

mug warmer

4) Mini-Heater:
Okay, so you cannot be gulping hot coffee all the time at work to stay warm. And if your colleagues aren’t ready to increase the temperatures, you go get yourself this Mini-heater. This ceramic, portable mini-heater is snug enough to fit in your backpack and powerful enough to keep you warm throughout the day. And the heater is smart enough to switch itself off it tips over. That’s cool, right? (pun intended)

mini heater for your cold winter

5) Heated blankets:
There’s nothing more comfortable in this world than laying down on the bed on a chilly night after a hectic day at work. Adding to the pleasure will be a heated blanket! Cold night + warm blanket = never want to wake up! You can even control the temperatures with a remote. Also, you don’t have to paranoid about shocks and safety as these blankets are tested thoroughly for their use.

winter blanket

Hope these hot devices help you stay warm this winter!

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