With a solid bass line and punchy drum beat, your music comes alive. The  Acoustimass series reproduces a low-note performance without audible distortion even at low volume. All the sound seems to come from tiny cube speakers.

This speaker system can tackle high and low bass without any distortion, giving you natural sound. The sound bass line helps a song come alive, making it ideal for DJs and parties. You can enjoy clear and loud music without cluttering your living space.  This speaker system works with your home theatre components, giving you the feel of large speakers. The direct/reflecting technology delivers spaciousness from a natural balance of reflected and direct sound that is similar to a live show.

Bose Acoustimass series 5 V

The box comes with clearly marked cables and connectors for easy setup with the receiver. The two redesigned speakers with direct/reflecting series feature a slim profile — adding quality to sound. Just connect the speaker system to your existing speakers to experience best quality audio at home.

To set up a custom AV solution with Bose Acoustimass series 5 V speaker system, schedule an expert consultation from Smarthomenx.  


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