There was only one reality to live in – the actual reality – the world we live in today. That was until “virtual realities” came into play. Creating a whole new world inside a pair of glasses you can wear didn’t really make sense a decade back. But it’s 2018 and we have many different technologies – like Magicleap – that enable us to do exactly that blend our reality with a virtual one!

Magicleap glasses

Enter – Magicleap – a headset which augments your current reality to display different objects and you can even interact with them. Traditional AR headsets required big bulky headsets and controllers and they were connected to the computer for operation. But Magicleap is a computer by itself. Its headset enables you to view and interact with augmented reality and the ‘lightpack’ is the processor which powers the headset.

Magicleap user

How Magicleap is different from any other virtual reality device is – its a self-contained augmented reality setup. It does not require a PC to process. All you’ve to do is, wear the headsets, get hold of the controller (sometimes optional) and hook yourself up with the ‘lightpack’. The goggles look futuristic and are way sleeker when compared to its similar AR counterparts. There are a number of cameras around the goggles to scan and assess the surroundings. And the head-mounted sensors and cameras are self-contained, and there are no separate room sensors needed, as with VR systems like Vive and Oculus.

The most impressive thing of these headsets is its ability to seamlessly integrate AR objects into your room. And there’s no pixelation in these images, hence the difference between augmented and real elements for a user is really blurred  – giving you a full-fledged AR experience.

So what can you do with it?

  • You can shoot at robots coming out of the portals in your living room with a Ray-gun. Dr Grordbort’s Invaders game isn’t available currently, but the company promises it to be available sometime in the near future.
    Magicleap game
  • If you see floating screens inside of your house, those are Magic leap’s helio web browser. Watch the news in 3D. Go furniture-shopping by looking at the chairs and tables that’ll pop up in your living room.
    Magicleap browser

  • You can engage yourself in a musical AR soundscape. The Sigur Ros’s musical experience is like a world of Avatar, where you contact musical spirits.  And for this experience, you don’t even need the controller and still, you can interact with the AR objects.
    Magicleap music
  • You can look at dinosaurs out of your window!

Augmented Reality has really taken a huge step forward with Magicleap headsets. It’s still not the ‘perfect’ one, but being funded by Google means Magicleap will have the resources to create the perfect ‘reality’.