1 billion hours of content burned every week.

137 million subscribers and counting

Out of which, 70% of the audience binge-watch shows!

Those are some Netflix stats. We’ll give you a moment for it to sink in.

With ridiculously addictive content, Netflix has changed the digital content industry. With 1,000,000,000 hours of content being streamed on a weekly basis, it’s about time you people at home make your Netflix game strong. A tub of popcorn and a comfy couch does help, but these smart lighting solutions take you to a whole different game So sit back, chill and let these ambient lighting solutions change the luminescence game forever!

1) Nanoleaf Aurora:

Let your walls bathe your room in brilliant colours with Nanoleaf Aurora wall panels. These smart light wall panels can change the look of your room. These can even sync up with the playing music and create light effects accordingly. That means scary scenes on Netflix will have a lot more visual effect. These wifi lights make binge-watching a lot more visually entertaining.


2) Svarochi Smart Lights:

You don’t need wifi to use a smart light. All you need are these Svarochi Smart Lights. These work on Bluetooth and everything can be controlled from an app on your smartphone. You can even operate up to 100 lights simultaneously, and you have an option of choosing from16 million colours and shades. Set the lights which match your mood, and pep up your watch-party!


3) OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip:

Versatility meets flexibility! These Smart LED strips are very easy to use – just plug-n-play. The revolutionary LED design combines Micro-LEDs of all 3 primary colours into a single SMD. These LED strips are flexible enough to bend, twist and curve around any surface and provides heavy cover against any weather conditions. The SoundSync mode enables you to experience music in a whole new ‘light’. So, next time you Netflix and chill, it will be a whole new experience.

LED strip

4) Wipro Garnet Smart Light:

“Hey Google, it’s Netflix time” and watch the room get ready for some chill with these smart LED lights from Wipro. With unlimited colour possibilities, every Netflix flick can have a colour of its own. It can be operated from anywhere in the world, using the app on your smartphone. Also, these bulbs can be grouped together and have support for IFTTT, that means you can set any command with these smart lighting solutions!

Smart bulb

5) Moon lamp:

Are you more of a lunar person? Want to add a new vibe with an enchanting celestial object? This is Moon lamp is all you need. This lamp beside you as you indulge yourself in a romantic movie (or a movie with werewolves) will feel a lot more intuitive. There’s an option to change the colour of the moon with a remote too! Here’s to some amazing times with Netflix and heavenly bodies and smart lighting solutions.

Moon lamp

And that’s it! Grab your tub of popcorn, one comfy blanky and ask Alexa or Google to get going with some crazy series on Netflix!