GM In-wall iPhone Dock with Speakers allow music to stream over your Wi-Fi across any room or multiple rooms at once with iTunes or any other compatible app.  It typically includes i-Dock Music System and Sound Plus Stereophonic Speaker.

The i-Dock music system and speaker are connected systematically, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from iPhone and charge your Apple device at the same time. Bluetooth stereo connectivity, LED indication for power, gesture control of music & cell phone communication are just some of the features of this system.

i-dock music player

This is a great kit to start if you are interested to play music in multiple rooms at once. If you want to power the house party across the room, you may take a look at this kit.

It caters to the demands of the latest generation with stereo quality audio. The stylish speakers recreate the magic of music streamed by your phone with full power. Also, the sleek design of speakers blends well into most home decors.

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