Put the speaker wherever you want and plug it in. No wires and no tricky programming. The songs stream from your Bluetooth network and hence there’s never any delays or dropouts. Control the volume of your music in each room by installing GM In-wall Music & Phone Calling System.

gm in-wall music & phone calling system

GM In-wall Music & Phone Calling system

It is now possible to listen to your favorite music and attend a phone call from the same system. This Bluetooth player is designed with in-built stereophonic speaker & cell phone communication system to fit the needs of every individual. The Bluetooth stereo connectivity allows users to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. This is a perfect system when your phone is out of reach.

This system not only provides crystal clear music but also adds to the modern look of homes with its stylish design. If luxury is your desire and you want to indulge yourself in everything that is a lot more than ordinary – GM In-wall Music & Phone Calling system is the best choice.

GM has introduced many innovative products and electrical accessories that transformed people’s lives. The motto of GM Modular is to design world-class products that compliment your lifestyle and make your home a better place to live in.

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