As a lover of Indie music and anything that isn’t generic, I’ve found it quite challenging to find a way to discover these tunes easily. I’ve had to go to gigs at a number of restaurants, and even poetry slams where independent artists perform during the breaks. Never mind going to these events— the bad audio set-ups, however, easily ruin the entire music-listening experience. In addition to this, going out can be tiring and time consuming, and for someone like me who prefers the comfort of their home to restaurants with crowds of people, going out all the time solely to discover new music to enjoy isn’t all that fun, nor convenient. But then, the music apps on Samsung Smart TVs happened— and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s how Samsung Smart TV’s music apps can help all Indie music lovers out there without having to attend every single gig in town.

  1.  A great lineup of apps
    Samsung’s music mode now available of their smart TVs includes a large array of music apps. These music app partners include Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Sirius XM, Vevo, Napster, Melon, and Bugs (a way better lineup than that available on other media streaming players like Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and even Apple TV). Each app gives you access to millions of songs, so you can only imagine how many songs you’ll have access to with all these apps together. You may wonder how this is different from YouTube, but I do think these apps make a difference, as the search for indie music can be focused here—I face the problem of being easily distracted while I’m surfing through YouTube and end up abandoning my search for music. So, with these apps, I can search for and discover music I actually I like right from the comfort of my couch. In addition to this, the music service also includes a variety of radio apps like Sirius XM and iHeartRadio. Here’s a little more about some of these music apps:

      1. Spotify: With about 30 million songs in its music library as well as large array of podcasts, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps all over the world.
      2. Deezer: Available in over a hundred countries, Deezer is liked for its vast library of songs and great audio quality.
      3. Napster: Again, available world over, Napster is famous for its simple music channels service which allows users to easily find music they love  genre-wise.
    The Spotify app on a Samsung Smart TV

    Enjoy the best music apps on Samsung Smart TVs

    Source: sammyhub.com

  2. Finding new music has never been easier
    Sometimes, when I’m watching a TV show or movie, I hear a song being played that I really like, but have no idea what the name of the song is, and then finding that particular song proves to be quite challenging. Here is where Shazam comes into the picture. Samsung’s smart TVs are powered by Shazam, making your search for music you love way easier. This is because, you can now identify the songs you hear on live TV with Shazam. So, when you’re watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on your Samsung smart TV, and hear a song you love, Shazam will come to your rescue and help you identify that song.

    Shazam on a Samsung Smart TV

    Identify songs on live TV easily with Shazam

    Source: techcrunch.com

  3. Get suggestions you actually like
    We’ve all faced a situation wherein an app or a person has suggested some music to us and we didn’t take a liking to it because that kind of music just wasn’t our taste. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Samsung smart TVs. In addition to a large array of music apps, this smart TV’s Music service comes with an effective ‘Preview’ section. This section suggests music you may like after keeping track of music-browsing history.

    Samsung Smart TV’s music preview feature

    The ‘Preview’ section is a great way to find tunes you may love

    Source: www.gadgetguy.com.au

To conclude, Samsung smart TV’s music apps are great for lazy indie music lovers like myself. With indie music now so easy to find, I doubt I’ll ever have to endure a crowded bar or restaurant again, and feel like it’s a complete waste because of bad sound systems. So now, when my best friend calls me and tells me that I absolutely have to go to this gig, as the music by the independent artiste is great, and rare, I can happily pass on this, as I can find music just as good through Samsung Smart TV’s music node, all while hanging out at home in my PJs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To learn more about other convenient apps available on these smart TVs, visit our Entertainment section.

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