4 innovative ways Chromecast Audio improves your music listening experience

Coming from a family full of music lovers, music is something I’ve grown up with and hence, has become something I truly appreciate. I have to listen to it while I work, cook, eat— basically, almost all the time. In addition to this, I have to listen to music that’s coming out of a good speaker, and not my phone’s or laptop’s mediocre ones. And so, I had to resort to pairing my numerous devices like my phone, laptop and iPod to my bluetooth speaker in order to enjoy music on a good sound system. Another problem with this was the fact that I had to carry my speaker to every room I stepped into, and honestly, (as you can guess), it got quite annoying. Until recently, that is. I happened to discover Google’s Chromecast Audio and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’m going to tell you how this handy device made my music-listening experience so much more enjoyable as it will yours too.

What’s Chromecast Audio, you ask? Simply put, Chromecast Audio is a small gadget that you can plug into your speaker for the purpose of streaming music over your Wi-Fi. Once you’ve plugged in this device to your speaker, you can use your Mac or Windows laptop, Chromebook, Android phone or tablet, or even your iPhone or iPad to cast your music to your high-quality speakers.

Chromecast Audio plugged into a speaker

The small, Chromecast Audio

Source: www.cnet.com

Here’s what Chromecast Audio did so well for me:

  1. Pairing? What’s that?
    My friends are lovers of music just like me and when they come over, everyone likes sharing their music by playing it through the speakers in my home. However, each friend wants to pair his phone with the speaker because everyone wants to play DJ and well, switching from one phone to another is rather tedious. Chromecast audio gets rid of pairing, and so, everyone can just cast music using their own phones without any additional setups.

    Here’s an overview of Google Chromecast Audio

  2. No more interruptions
    Folks with battery folks, this is something I’m sure you can relate to. Pairing my phone with my speaker over bluetooth took a toll on my phone’s battery, and so, was pretty inconvenient. With Chromecast Audio, this isn’t a problem anymore. Casting goes a step further by allowing you to take calls, and even leave the room with your phone or laptop, without causing an interruption to the music.

    Man browsing through a smartphone

    Take calls or browse through the web without interrupting the music

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  3. I can have music in every room of the house
    Chromecast Audio has a feature called ‘Multi-Room’ that lets you group all your Chromecast Audio devices together (that can be located in different rooms of your home) which allows you to listen to the same song on every single one of those speakers. This feature is my favorite— it lets me listen to my favorite song while I’m working in my room and then when I have to get a snack from my kitchen, I don’t have to worry about my missing my favorite part of the song, as it’ll be playing on the speakers in my kitchen as well! Brownie points for Chromecast and a major win-win for all.

    Chromecast Audio Multiroom

    Listen to the same song on multiple speakers with Chromecast Audio’s Multi-room feature

    Source: techcrunch.com

  4. More apps, hence, more music
    With Chromecast Audio, I can access a range of different music apps, through which I can explore and discover new music. With about 30 million songs available on all these music streaming apps together, it’s hard to be bored. Besides music, I can access podcasts, as well as listen to Internet radio.

    Chromecast Audio’s music apps

    A glimpse of the music streaming apps available on Chromecast Audio

    Source: www.bestbuy.com

To sum it up, for a music lover, Chromecast Audio comes as a revelation— I realized I had been missing out on so much when it came to enjoying my favorite music. Now, I can truly enjoy music by Led Zeppelin on high quality speakers or sway to The Beatles in any room of my home with this handy device. With Chromecast Audio now available in India, you don’t have to miss out on an enjoyable, yet convenient way of enjoying your favorite tunes. Click here Click here to buy Google’s Chromecast Audio for bigger and better music experiences everyday.

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