The globe may be moving towards cord-cutting. But, before you clip the cable, here’s our guide to help you choose the best combination of OTT platforms. Get to know which Indian video streaming services have the most content, who features the most interesting genres and who has the most choices when it comes to regional languages.


Cord-cutting trends with Indian OTT platforms comparison

Who wins the number game?
Undoubtedly, Netflix is ruling the roost when it comes to streaming online media content. Since its arrival in 2016, the video streaming services giant has built a considerable kitty of the content of different genres in India.

Currently, Netflix holds over 3,000 movie titles and ranks first in the category, which is then followed by Hotstar – over 2,500, Amazon Prime – over 2,000 and Sony Liv with over 700.

Moreover, Netflix streams over 1,500 TV shows which make it to the top of the list again, followed by Amazon Prime streaming over 800 TV shows, Hotstar over 700 and Sony Liv with a measly 163 TV shows.

Unique number of genres

From action to horror, comedy, and drama – you name it and Amazon Prime has it all. Amazon Prime currently has 38 different genres that keep its audience glued to their smartphones. Netflix, on the contrary, doesn’t have quite the volume with only 18 genres.

Hotstar ranks second as it sports 22 genres and Sony Liv emerges last with only 10 genres in its list. If you are in for a mix of all genres, you can do a combo deal with Hotstar and Amazon Prime for a bit of everything.

Who takes the biggest slice of language pie?

Between the two major video streaming services contenders Netflix and Amazon Prime, both stream the majority of their content in English. But Amazon Prime also streams content in Hindi and other regional languages. Hotstar strikes a perfect balance between English, Hindi, and regional languages while Sony Liv is slightly heavier on streaming Hindi content.

To have improved streaming experience, pick Netflix for English movies and TV shows, choose Amazon Prime if you like an equal measure of Hindi and English, Sony Liv for Hindi soaps and sports, while Hotstar is the best for cricket and Game of Thrones (GoT) fans!

What are your neighbours watching?

With cricket being elevated to the status of a religion in India, it is obvious that people will opt for Hotstar because it streams live cricket. It has about 63 million subscribers. Amazon Prime stands second with 9.5 million subscribers and Sony Liv with 4.6 million, while Netflix losing the race with only 4.2 million subscribers.

What is your favourite show?

People aren’t only watching Breaking Bad and GoT on Netflix and Hotstar respectively, but also liking the shows. Both Netflix and Hotstar bagged a rating of 9.5 for the shows they stream, while Amazon Prime received 8.7 for its show Vikings, and Sony Liv received 8.3 for The Kapil Sharma Show.

Have you found your best streaming device?

Some of the best streaming devices available are economical and can be easily purchased online. Amazon Fire Stick, which costs around Rs. 3,999, offers a comprehensive viewing experience for Amazon Prime users. The superfast Roku streaming sticks require a VPN and are the best streaming devices available for users. They offer the largest selection of content and allow you to customize content.

Google Chromecast 2, which costs about Rs. 3,399, is also a viable option that helps you to enjoy and stream your favourite entertainment shows.

How will you make the most of it?

As per data available, Sony Bravia, costing around Rs 1,19,990, is hands-down the best in streaming live media. With its top-notch features like 4K UHD and clear audio, it provides the best value for money.

However, if Sony Bravia is picking a hole in your pocket, you can always go for alternatives that equally do a good job of streaming content. Some of the options available are Sansui, Panasonic and Samsung smart TVs.

Different strokes for different folks

If you are into adventure and fun Netflix offers you a combination of genres, which include Sci-fi, film noir, tearjerkers and late-night comedies. Hotstar on the other hand sports the mythology option for people interested in that genre.

Amazon Prime has an evenly distributed package, such as Drama TV, Salman Khan specials, and Anime TV, while Sony Liv ensures to keeps its users engaged by offering options such as South action dhamaka, crime, and other live channels

So what are you waiting for? Grab some grub and get busy with whatever tickles your fancy!



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