‘Netflix and chill’ has been the phrase for entertainment for long now. A wide array of movie titles and web series have given birth to new types of couch-potatoes all over the world. Well, who wouldn’t like to cosy up under a nice blanket and binge-watch their favourite show until they see the sun creeping in through the window and realising its morning already!

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Well, all the binge-watching has made Netflix, a bandwidth devourer! Netflix alone consumes 15% of the world’s total bandwidth. That isn’t really a surprise considering the fact that they have titles like ‘Stranger Things’ and ’13 Reasons Why’, which have people stuck to the screens like moths to a lamp! Netflix and other streaming services have drastically changed how we’ve been watching content. There has been a drastic shift from televised content to digital content – all thanks to such streaming services and their amazing content.

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With great content comes great streaming capabilities. Since there’s always a lot of traffic on Netflix, there’s always a fear of buffering. Yes, no one loves buffering! And that’s why Netflix’s stream compression technology plays a vital role which enables it to be 3x their current volume and at 40% of network traffic. During peak hours, Netflix has been able to stream even when at 40% of the network traffic. That’s just helping you become a better couch-potato!


We understand how much does the dreaded buffering irritate you! You’re watching an intense movie and right before the face-reveal of the supervillain and there’s the buffer symbol! Oh God! You’d want to punch through the screen at that moment. Don’t worry, here’s something you can do to get rid of buffering and save your screens:


  1. A faster internet connection: To stream in HD, you’d definitely need a faster internet connection in order to transmit high data. Since HD streaming requires huge data downloads, you need a fast and stable internet connection at all times

  2. Faster wifi router: Still stuck with the old ethernet cable? Get rid of it and go wireless completely with a wifi router. Wireless routers are way faster compared to a cabled connection. There are a ton of wifi routers available in the market and you can choose according to your preference. The Mi’s Wifi router, for instance, is one of the fastest and the cheapest wifi routers available in the market right now.
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  3. Repeater: If you have a wifi, but it doesn’t provide you with a strong signal inside your desired room, you’d probably need a wifi repeater. This Repeater can help amplify the signal from the router.
    Netflix - repeater
  4. The complete solution: A complete overhaul of your internet connection can be done with Google wifi. Google wifi replaces your old router network and works with your modem and ISP to create a mesh network. Increase your home’s Wi-Fi coverage so you can stream, download, and share without missing a beat.
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Looking at the global trend, the future of televised content looks bleak as even television makers are enabling their TVs to be streaming-enabled. Netflix’s competitors are also getting a fair share of the bandwidth. Youtube takes a good 11.4% of the world’s bandwidth, while web browsing stands at 7.8%. So, what’s your choice? The continuing 1000 episode Saas Bahu serials on TV or, some fresh exciting content on a streaming service?