Well, you’re in college and let’s be honest– you need to stream the latest episodes of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Or if you’re anything like me you probably like to binge-watch its previous seasons on a regular. If video games are your thing- we could all use a break from taxing college assignments- you’ll want to do it at ease, without having to worry about disturbing the others in your apartment or dorm room. With a life so dependent on the big screen, it can be quite challenging to find a smart TV that’s ideal, affordable and practical for your college dorm room or apartment.

TCL, the electronics manufacturer, has found a solution to this very problem in the form of a practical, low-budget, sleek, new smart TV, the TCL Roku. For the modern cord-cutter, the TCL Roku TV is a great, budget-friendly way of accessing the latest Internet content in an easy, and surprisingly convenient way.

Watch this video for an overview of the Roku TV.

The smart TV market currently comes with several pocket-friendly smart TV makers, the most prominent ones being Samsung and Sharp. The Samsung J6200 series is quite popular for its rich picture quality and compact design. In the world of gaming, the smart TVs from this range are a common choice because of their minimal motion-blur, making the gaming experience infinitely better. When it comes to the Sharp LE653U series, these smart TVs are favored, as they’re well-sized for their price (a 43-inch Sharp LE653U costs $377) and also have noticeably richer contrasts in terms of picture quality.

However, for less than $600, the TCL Roku TV series outsmarts other budget-friendly smart TVs series on a number of aspects; such as design, user interface, and the amount of content available on it, thanks to its in-built Roku box.


Here’s why Roku TV is outsmarts the other smart TVs

What is a Roku box?

The Roku 3 with its remote

The Roku 3

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You’re probably wondering what a Roku box is. Simply put, a Roku box is a media streaming device, which picks up content from the Internet and then displays it on a TV. Available in different models, the Roku box is differentiated from other streaming devices because of its wide selection of video content. It offers more than 1,700 apps, including the major streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. In addition to streaming video on Internet, through a Roku, you can stream audio, and also play games. TCL has now incorporated this streaming device into their smart TVs, making them convenient. Here’s more about why this low-budget smart TV is a good, practical pick:

  1. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket
    With its largest-screen TV available at less than $600 (much lower than the price of other smart TVs), these Roku-powered smart TVs give you access to numerous streaming apps and channels, accompanied by an advanced audio system, and is Wi-Fi enabled, making it a decent alternative to other smart TVs.

    Roku TVs on a table

    TCL’s Roku TVs are available in a variety of screen-sizes

    Source: www.cnet.com

  2. Have all your favorite TV shows in one place
    Since these TCL smart TVs are powered by the convenient Roku, you can now have all your shows in one place. You won’t need different media streaming players that offer different streaming channels from one another, as the Roku box is known for having the widest selection of video on Internet apps and channels. You can easily keep track of all the TV shows you watch, and even discover new ones that weren’t available on your previous streaming device. That’s right, no more having to remember if Game of Thrones is on Hulu or Netflix. Additionally, the Roku box offers streaming channels like Time Warner Cable and Showtime Anytime, that aren’t available on any other streaming device, giving you a larger variety of shows to binge-watch.

    Roku TV’s user interface

    Have access to an array of streaming apps with the Roku TV

    Source: www.techhive.com

  3. It’s designed for convenience
    Roku TVs are practical in terms of their design. They’re sleek, as they do not need to have an external Roku box, and so, lessen the hassle of any cords, making it a great way to reduce clutter and keep your apartment or dorm room as tidy as possible. They also come with 3 HDMI ports, dual band Wi-Fi (useful for multiplayer gaming for Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 users), and Dolby audio processing, which adds to the overall gaming experience. The TCL Roku TV’s remote control allows a wirelessly beamed audio signal from the TV. So, you don’t have to worry about interrupting your roommate’s study session. Just plug in your headphones into the remote’s audio jack, and enjoy the great sound system. In case you misplace the remote, you can download the TV’s remote app on your iPhone or Android phone, and use your mobile as a remote instead.

    Ports on a Roku TV

    It has 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and an audio jack, letting you plug in other devices

    Source: www.techhive.com

    Roku TV remote with earphones

    Plug in your earphones to your Roku TV’s remote and enjoy a wirelessly beamed audio signal

    Source:  blog.roku.com

  4. Save time
    Right from setting it up, to actually using the Roku TV, convenience takes the front seat. It’s easy-to-use interface lets you rearrange the home screen and give prominent placement to the streaming apps you actually use, as well as search for them by name, allowing you to quickly find what you want. You can also rename the HDMI ports to whatever you like, such as ‘Game Console’, or ‘DVD’, or ‘DeathStar’ (as long as you remember which port it represents), for the sake of convenience, allowing you to easily figure out what’s connected to which port, and hence saves you from the trouble of checking this each time you want to use it.

    Roku TV with it’s user interface

    The user interface lets you navigate through the apps faster

    Source: www.techhive.com

Overall, the TCL Roku TV would be a great addition to your apartment or dorm room if you’re  looking for a budget-friendly smart TV that’s sleek, convenient, and lets you enjoy all your favorite TV shows in one just one place. Stream the shows you love, play all the video games you want, without having to bother if you’re disturbing anyone, by getting yourself the pocket-friendly, yet practical Roku TV.

Being very budget-friendly, a smart TV like the Roku TV is quite a rare find, and can amp up your dorm room, and make college life seem less dull. It also let’s you cut down on cables, helping you make your dorm room a tad bit cleaner (you’ve gotta start somewhere, don’t you?) It’s sleek, convenient and let’s you enjoy all your favorite entertainment in just one place. Whether it’s a game of FIFA or the Star Wars Original Trilogy, you can enjoy it whenever you want and however loud you want, without worrying about disturbing your roommate, and so, would be a great addition to your dorm room or apartment. Click here to buy the pocket-friendly, but practical Roku TV.

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