A number of good series on Netflix and Amazon prime has led to a rise in the number of couch potatoes around the world. With easy access to amazing shows and comfortable chairs/sofas, there’s no surprise to watch the average millennial having his eyes glued on the screen as his hands constantly search for some munchies. So do you want to join the binge watch clan? Here’s what you need:

1) Amazon Fire TV stick:

In the era of smart TVs, if you’re still lagging behind, you need to get yourself one of these fire sticks. Plug this in into your TV and you’ll have a huge array of content at your disposal. Speak into your remote to control the content! That means, as an average couch-potato, there’ll be fewer buttons to press and you can get lazier than ever! The simple setup and ease of use make the Amazon fire stick a must-have for the binge watch enthusiasts.

amazon fire stick

2) Smart Blinds:

Darker rooms create the perfect ambience to binge watch. These rooms provide you with a theatre effect – thus enhancing your binge-watching experience. And since 2018, there’s no manual labour involved where you have to manually draw the curtains or pull the shades. All you have to do these install these Smart Blinds, which work as plug-n-play, then pull out your smartphone and press a button – the shades will automatically raise or lower according to your preference. Set-it-and-forget-it scheduling, gradual tilt, and sun-tracking options just make its easier to binge-watch.

smart blinds

3) Portable Cooler Cum Warmer :

No binge watch is complete without chilled drinks and warm snacks! Continuing the trend of ‘Staying lazy 2k18’, here we have the portable cooler cum warmer. That means you drinks and snacks are just an arm’s length away from you! Its temperature can range from 3 degrees to 60 degrees – keeping cold things cold and hot things hot as per requirement. So, you can drink, eat and binge-watch into eternity!


4) Couch Coaster:

You binge watch, you binge-eat and you binge-drink and at times, the scenes are too interesting to take your eyes off the screen! You can’t just place the chilled drink of your couch – that’d ruin the couch. And the table is too far to fetch a coaster and the coaster won’t stay stable on the sofa. Hence you need the Couch Coaster, which holds itself firm onto the sofa’s arm and provides you with a stable coaster, ready to be used! Simple solutions like these make binge-watching a breeze.

couch coaster

5) Binge watch workouts:

Okay, we know, binge-watching isn’t really healthy. Yet, when done properly, it’s not harmful either. Anyways, did you know there exists binge watch workouts too? These do help you stay fit (kind of) while you Netflix and chill. After every episode, stretch those arms and legs. Close your eyes for two minutes. Or you do can any of these exercises in between your series episodes. Here’s to healthy binge-watching!

binge watch exercise

With great shows come great binge-watching events! So when are you planning to indulge in one?