Smart homes are an excellent value proposition to those who own them, both in terms of efficiency and savings. The average Indian household, in a city such as Mumbai, spends approximately Rs. 3,000  a month on electricity. This amount can be reduced significantly and life can be improved in the process by home automation technologies such as Smart lighting, security, entertainment & other home automation accessories.

But even though Smart homes bring significant savings, there is another side to be considered. You may (or not) already know not all Smart home installations/upgradations require a significant upfront investment, you can also adopt Smart home automation incrementally. Furthermore, in India, there are companies that offer cost-effective and quality-driven Smart home appliances (some DIY) in the price range of Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 1,50,000 and above, depending on what you set up in your home. So, if you are looking for further information about home automation on a budget, get in touch with us today.

So, read on to find out  how much a Smart home with all the essential systems and appliances will cost you.


Individual devices/appliances

  1. Lighting

Device/s: Philips Hue Starter kit: Rs. 10,700 – Individual Bulb: Rs. Rs. 3,995 – Bridge: Rs. 5,700

Smart lighting is one of the most popular home automation technologies today, and is included by most people in their home automation projects. These appliances give you the convenience remote operation from your smartphone/tablet, etc; as well as efficiency and energy-saving options.


  1. Security

Device/s: Nest Cam indoor: Rs. 18, 740 – Nest Cam outdoor: Rs. 19,999 – Nest Smoke/CO detector + Alarm: Rs. 27,999 – Silvan C-Bell WiFi doorbell: Rs. 14,499

Smart home security is a useful home automation feature, especially if you have loved ones at home who need special care and attention, such as elderly parents, children, or even dogs.



  1. Entertainment

Device/s: Samsung Smart TV: Rs. 27,577 – Philips Heartbeat Speakers: Rs. 4,410  – Amazon Fire TV Stick: Rs. 3,999

These devices will take your entertainment to the next level. By connecting wirelessly to your smartphone, you can view on-demand content, videos, photos, listen to your favourite music, or simply watch content from your smartphone (YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Videos, Photos) on your TV with these enviable 3000-Watt 5.1 channel Bluetooth Speakers.




Essential automation accessories

  1. Smart plugs

Device/s: D-Link DSP-W215/IN mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug: Rs. 1999 – TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug: Rs. 2,299

These are an inexpensive option to control most devices remotely. Simply plug one of these WiFi enabled smart plugs into your regular socket and plug your device into it to remotely switch it off or on, or even set up schedules for it. Imagine having the water for your morning chai boiled and ready when your alarm goes off! A Smart way to enjoy a few more minutes of much needed sleep.

Smart Plug

Control your devices remotely

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  1. Smart hub

Device/s:  Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit: Rs. 25,167

This nifty set consists of a hub, two multipurpose sensors, one motion sensor, and one smart plug. With this, you can get instant alerts on your smartphone in case of unexpected entry or motion, ensure that private cupboards or valuables aren’t disturbed in your absence, control lamps or other small appliances, and automatically light up an area if there is movement. This makes your home safer and your life a bit  more comfortable.



  1. Smart Speaker

Devices: Amazon Echo Dot: Rs. 3,149 – Amazon Echo: Rs. 6,999 –  Amazon Echo Plus: Rs. 10,499

Control your smart devices with voice commands using any of these Alexa-powered smart speakers. Most smart technology is compatible with the Echo range, but it still makes sense to double-check that the smart device you’re planning to buy works with Alexa.



  1. Bluetooth Trackers

Devices: TrackR Bravo: Rs ,5184 – Generix Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker GPS Locator: Rs. 298

Never lose your keys again. Just attach one of these handy little bluetooth trackers to them, and you’ll only need to glance at your smartphone to find them. Attach these inconspicuously on your bike when you’ve parked in a large parking lot, and you’ll never need to waste time finding it. Does your dog have a tendency to escape the house? One of these could be used on his collar to let you know exactly where he is!

bluetooth trackers

Never lose your keys again

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