With the passage of time, building technology has evolved as societal needs have changed. Today, the world has entered a new era in the construction industry, the era of eco-friendly building technology. From houses that are 3D printed in 24 hours to amazing miniature homes, there is no dearth to what technology can do when it comes to eco housing.

Building eco-homes has become the need of the hour from every perspective. Builders have recognised the need to reduce their environmental footprint and consumers have grown more and more inclined to move towards greener living

Here are 5 trends that are blossoming in the eco-home market today.

  1. Reducing Carbon Footprint in the Construction Industry
    One of the major factors that has contributed to global warming and an alarming increase in carbon footprint is deforestation. Construction projects for housing and industrial purposes have cleared massive amounts of land to make way for buildings and factories. Today, realizing the need for a huge change in construction mentality, builders have taken to building with the green, instead of against it. The amount of flora that is damaged by construction activities is cut to the minimum and in housing areas, greenery is considered to be a prized commodity and preserved to the maximum. Consumers are now looking for eco-homes that minimize environmental depletion.

    Zero carbon home with solar panels

    Zero energy homes utilize the power of solar energy to save electricity

    Source: tamesol.com

  2. Zero carbon homes and Positive energy homes
    Zero energy and zero carbon homes are homes that consume as much energy as they produce. However, the new trend in the building industry is homes that produce more energy than they consume i.e positive energy homes. These homes utilise solar power. Solar power allows you to produce your own energy and saves on electricity costs in a big way. Using solar panels at home also makes you a lot more aware about your energy usage. Many solar panels come with systems that track energy usage which helps you to calculate how much energy you really need and where you can avoid it. It’s a great way to reduce your electricity bills and make your family more environmentally conscious.For example, Honda Smart Homes is one of the best examples of a company that focuses on environment friendly homes. This video capture the process of utilising eco-friendly techniques to build a green home.

    True sustainability

  3. Using sustainable material
    Builders today are focusing on using materials is such a way that they can satisfy the needs of the present without compromising on the needs of the future. Practices like ‘Green Insulation’ utilizes recycled material instead of harmful products. Even everyday items like denim and cotton are excellent insulation materials. Builders also utilize biodegradable material that does not harm the environment.
    For example, non toxic paint and materials like rock, bamboo and clay.

    A detailed insight into what goes into building eco-homes

  4. Affordable prefabricated homes
    The fact that going eco-friendly is only for the rich and the famous is a myth. Pre-fabricated homes are houses which are built in factories and then assembled on ground. Pre-fab homes have the advantage of time and cost along with sustainability. The cost of prefab homes is significantly lower than ordinary modern housing and also requires less material.

    Pre-fabricated home

    Pre-fab homes are cost-effective and fit the budget

    Source: prebuilt.com.au

  5. Small homes with a sustainable design:
    Small homes automatically reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and electricity. Add that to solar power and you’ve got an electricity bill close to nothing! Rainwater harvesting can provide enough water for your bathroom and kitchen and solar power can generate enough energy to run your house and car. Small homes are also much easier to look after and make for a cosier place to live.For example, the Ecocapsule is an 86 square foot capsule that is completely sustainable with enough space for two people to sleep, a kitchen, a bathroom and storage space. The capsule battery can even charge your car and generates its own energy.

    Sustainable ecocapsule

    Live anywhere in the world, in your own portable home – The Ecocapsule

    Source: ecocapsule.sk

    Wondering what it’s like to live in an Ecocapsule yourself Check this out!

It is clear, that the time for blatantly ignoring environmental concerns is long gone. Ever since Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, it has raised alarming concerns about the future of America’s contribution to sustainable development. Scientists have predicted emissions of an additional 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in the air per year. This is enough to aid global warming to such levels that ice sheets melt faster, sea levels rise and the planet will suffer more extreme weather conditions. Eco homes are one way of ensuring that our planet remains livable for future generations.

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