Let’s face it. The Internet is slowly but surely, taking over every part of our lives. And the latest fad to catch up to the internet of things is Smart homes; where you’re in complete control of things around your home right from your smartphone. America has fast caught up to the idea that futuristic homes are the way to go to save the environment and make life easier. In fact, according to a survey by Coldwell Banker, in the future, 63% of American home-owners will want Smart security for their homes, 63% will also want Smart heating and 58% will want Smart lighting. The smart homes of the future will be more automated and provide greater energy efficiency, convenience, and well-being.

Here’s what living in a futuristic home is all about:

To live in a smart home is no more a long wait. The connected homes are built to encompass all controllable elements to give the dweller the best experience.

1. Step into the light with smart lighting and heating technology.

Smart lighting technology ensures that you can control switches, blinds, air conditioners, heaters, geysers and any other gadgets in your home. Gone on a road trip and can’t remember if you’ve left your kitchen light on for the cat? No worries, all you have to do is press a button on your phone. Automated heating systems allow you to save energy and money by adjusting the heating in each room automatically. Nest, for instance, maintains the temperature of your home according to your preference when people are home and reduces the temperature when the room is unoccupied.

Controlling lights from a tablet

Smart light and heating technology lets you control your lights and your HVAC easily on your smartphone or tablet

Source: clipsal.com

2. Keep your house secure no matter where you are

Take the watchdog inside and give him a break because Smart security systems make your home burgle-proof. These systems offer features like window sensors, motion detectors and camera recorders that can tell you in an instant if you have an intruder. So even if you’re traveling, you can be hundred percent sure that your home and family is safe. Other than security, features like Smart Locks can automatically sense you at the door and automatically open if your arms are full.

Smart lock app

Stay hassle-free no matter where you are, because your home is in safe hands

Source: atlanticsecurity.net

3. Smart blinds to keep you cosy

You can save on energy and money by using smart blinds instead of ordinary window blinds. While you’re away at work, the blinds remain shut to keep the room cool so you don’t need to switch on the air conditioner when you get back home. They can even be programmed to open just as the sun rises or just before you get home. Smart blinds help to conserve energy and reduce HVAC usage, so you can enjoy the perfect temperature settings in your room without wasting energy.

How do you make ordinary blinds smart?

Smart blinds in a living room

Saving the planet through Smart Blinds

Source: blog.smartthings.com

4. Reduce your dependence on house help and save on time and effort to keep your house clean

These days, modern gadgets help you to keep the house sparkling clean without any effort on your part at all. Used in over 6 million homes worldwide, the Roomba is a robotic vacuum based on smart mapping technology which is totally hands-free. It also uses less power and requires very little maintenance. Robotic household appliances are high on the priority list of American consumers and Forbes even listed iRobot Corp on their list of America’s Best Small Companies. iRobot Corp manufactures robotic vacuums, mops and pool cleaners which are lightweight, portable and best of all, silent.

Roomba cleaning a floor

Roomba cleans your floor for you

Source: www.nbcnews.com

Curious about it? Check out a review of the latest Roomba product:

Source: nbcnews.com

5. Stay in touch with your devices via text message

Innovations in home technology never cease to amaze the average human mind. Forget texting your friends, you can now move on to texting your oven! The AGA iTotal Control allows you to control it using your smartphone. It is fitted with a SIM card and a touchscreen interface to schedule operations and heat things up. You can even use your stove to save time. While you’re leaving from work, switch on the oven so that by the time you reach it’ll be nice and hot already. When it comes to technology, there’s nothing you can’t do! With the amazing Amazon Echo, you can even talk to your speakers and tell it what music you want to play. Or try the self-cleaning, auto order refrigerator, the perfect touch to your futuristic home. All these put together, make the everyday living so much more exciting and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Smart appliances controller in a kitchen

Living in a smart kitchen makes life easier and so much more fun!

Source: techomebuilder.com

The fact that Bill Gates spent $100 million on building a smart home might seem daunting, but the fact remains that if you really want to save the environment and make your life safer and easier, smart homes of the future are definitely the way to go. Living the Jetsons life might have been a fantasy a few years ago, but today, it’s reality!

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