When it comes to eco-friendly homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, the ‘less is more’ concept is what’s trending when it comes to building a home. Green home are some of the most fashionable homes that have ever been built and it’s something everyone from an A-list celebrity to your average stock broker is investing in these days. In fact, in the United States alone, at least 180,000 families are living off-grid. Meaning 180,000 families use energy sources other than power companies. So what’s stopping you from taking the green challenge?

Check out these 7 gorgeous homes that combine minimalism and sustainability without compromising on style:

  1. The Eco-capsule
    Eco-capsule in a meadow

    Compact, green living

    Source: thegoodtrade.com

    For the adventurous ones who like to live off the grid, the eco-capsule is a small, compact way to live a life on the road. For all those with a phobia of settling down, this one’s a great way to spend a couple of years satisfying that wanderlust. The design makes use of solar energy, wind power and rainwater harvesting to lead a comfortable life, while doing your bit to save the planet.

    The Travelling Eco-Home

  2. Sky Garden Homes
    Meera Sky Garden House with a green roof

    There’s no such thing as too much green

    Source: thegoodtrade.com

    Can’t get much greener than this, can you? The Meera Sky Garden House in Singapore is an excellent example of simplicity, sustainability and architectural brilliance! People often don’t realize that the roof is such a brilliant place to contribute to the environment by keeping it lush and green. It’ll even keep the house cool during the hot summer months.

  3. The Wooden House With A Difference
    House Zilvar lined with wool insulation

    Minimalism meets style

    Source: smallhousebliss.com

    House Zilvar was designed by Prague Studio ASGK design for a family that wanted to bring the concept of minimalism together with sustainable living. The house is lined with wool insulation that keeps its occupants snug and comfy and lessens their dependence on heating. According to the architects, the angle of sunlight with the sloping roofs “dramatically changes the shape of the house and makes you feel like an explorer in a canyon.”

  4. A Coastal Cabin in Norway
    Cabin with pipelines in the interiors

    Defeating global warming at sub zero temperatures

    Source: smallhousebliss.com

    This quaint cabin built on an island in Norway incorporates the natural shape of the rock it sits on. This eliminates the need to destroy the surroundings by blasting rock and adds to the natural aesthetic of the house. Its interiors are compact without being invasive to the occupant’s privacy and the pipeline runs in the interiors of the walls – an important consideration to make in freezing temperatures.

  5. Floating Homes
    Floating holiday home

    Luxury bathed in sustainability

    Source: thegoodtrade.com

    Floating homes or lake homes combine fantasy, luxury and minimalism to give the occupants a life closer to nature. Often used as holiday homes, these floating houses give you privacy and luxury together with the experience of living in a completely natural environment.

  6. The Eco-Friendly Villa
    Minimalist eco-friendly home with modern interiors

    Modern and minimalistic

    Source: thegoodtrade.com

    This gorgeous, futuristic,eco-friendly home can be delivered and assembled anywhere in the world. Its chic, modern interiors focus on minimalism with just enough space and is constructed using sustainable material. It also incorporates rainwater harvesting, solar heating and geothermal energy to prevent any harm to the environment.

  7. Minimod
    Minimod in natural surroundings

    Great things come in small packages

    Source: thegoodtrade.com

    A house that blends into nature! Minimods are created to give you a seamless connection to the environment you’re in without causing any harm to the natural surroundings. With green roofing, steel wall panels, solar energy and wood framing, this house is gorgeous and eco-friendly.If you’re looking for some more inspiration when it comes to eco-housing, take a look at this house straight out of Lord of the Rings.

    The Hobbit’s Eco-Friendly Home

Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics of your house. As you can see, some of the most magical homes on Earth are green homes that help you do your bit to save the planet. The greatest threat to the world is believing that someone else can save it. The best place to start is at home.

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