We can all agree that with Global Warming, the massive hole in the ozone layer isn’t really growing smaller and the icebergs are not going to melt any slower! Therefore, embracing a green living idea is the need of the hour, and how!

What’s the deal with Global Warming?

When we extract, refine, transport, and burn fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil, we release potentially harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Additionally, humans are constantly cutting down large expanses of CO2-absorbing trees to make way for new development. And these outright non-green living actions are wrecking havoc on our planet!

India's CO2 emissions over the years

(India’s CO2 emission over the years)

In fact, India is the 4th largest CO2 emitter in the world. India’s CO2 emissions have grown by about 4.6% in 2017 and are estimated to double by the year 2030. Hence there’s a desperate need to control these emissions in order to, save the world, literally!

Carbon emissions have always been a *hot* topic (pun intended) and here’s what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and adapt a true green living idea driven lifestyle:


  • Green Living Idea #1 – Change your Mode of Transportation:
    Ditch the car keys! Adopt cycling – it’s nature-friendly and by the time you reach your destination, you’ll be healthier! Services like Mobike enable you to rent a cycle if you do not own one. Cab-hiring services like Ola and Uber are also on the verge of providing rent-a-cycle services and help citizens adopt this green living idea. And if at all you must travel by car, join a carpool.


  • Hack #2 – Check your Appliances:
    Did you know the appliances you kept on standby are still sipping on power? Appliances like TVs are the main culprit of electricity wastage. Avoid this by turning them your devices/appliances off completely or unplugging them from the wall socket. Also, when purchasing new appliances, check for their energy ratings. Higher the star on the rating, lower is the energy consumption. Maintain these appliances so they do not develop any fault and work efficiently. And in the end, before purchasing an appliance – think twice! Do you really need that second refrigerator in your house?
  • Hack #3 – Recycle:
    An average Indian uses 12 kgs of plastic a year. And though the official plastic ban is in effect, there are a lot of plastics still in circulation. As we know, the oceans are riddled with plastic and they are really stopping us from adopting a green living lifestyle ideology wholly & fully.
    Therefore, Recycle & Reuse.
    Avoid purchasing plastic – use glass bottles instead of plastic ones, carry your own cloth bags when you go shopping, and reduce the consumption of plastic packaged food. Additionally, you can reach out to companies which take in waste and recycle appropriately. Make sure you put the waste in the right bins when it comes to recycling. For more recycling ideas, click here. Embrace this green living idea, do your part for nature and nature will thank you in return.
    Recycled Bottles
  • Hack #4 – Plant more Trees:
    Trees are the protectors of Mother Earth and the ones we need in order to be wholly in-sync with the green living idea. Trees use CO2 for their photosynthesis process and release oxygen into the atmosphere as a result. Now that’s a basic and a win-win reason to plant more trees! If you need more reasons – they provide you shade, they regulate the atmosphere, they can help prevent natural calamities like landslides and the list goes on. So go on, plant more trees!
  • Hack #5 – Go Smart:
    Human carelessness has become a big reason that has been preventing the spread of the green living ideology. In such a scenario, we can turn to technology help us out. Smart home automation systems can help one reduce electricity waste. How you may ask? Systems like Toyama can schedule lights and appliances around the house to turn off after they have been used. Furthermore,  you can regulate your home temperature with smart regulators. You must use blinds and lights that can be scheduled to operate at a specific time. Smart thermostats can regulate your home temperature to keep it at optimal levels. There are tons such ‘smart’ ways to create a zero-carbon space in your home.

There you have it! Simple, easy and yet, amazingly effective! So how long are you going to wait to fully adopt the green living ideology? We hope, not for long.

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