1. How can I watch my favorite TV Programme uninterrupted?

Get WiFi-enabled smart TVs, or devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, that turn your regular TV into a smart one.

Smart TV commercial free

Watch your fav programmes commercial free

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  1. What can I do to cut my electricity bill and save money, while reducing my carbon footprint?

Smart lighting (Philips Hue), smart plugs/adapters (Belkin WeMo) will not only cut down your electricity bill, but will reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart lighting to cut electricity bill

Reduce your carbon footprint with Smart lighting

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  1.  What DIY security system can I install in my home without breaking the bank?

Smart security cameras (Nest Cam indoor) act as additional pairs of eyes and are easy accessible through your phone. Another Smart way to keep an eye on your home or loved ones is by using sensors (Samsung SmartThings) and their geo-fencing capabilities.

DIY smart cameras

DIY Smart cameras to secure your home

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  1. How can I have a more organised life to enable me to have more leisure time?

Use Amazon Echo’s voice activated assistant – Alexa to help you keep track of bills, schedules, to-do lists and shopping lists.

amazon echo with alexa

Amazon Echo to help you get organised

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  1. How can I answer my door without getting off the couch?

Use WiFi/BLE enabled smart locks (Danalock BLE smart lock) or install a WiFi enabled video doorbell (Silvan WiFi doorbell).

Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell

Keep your home secure with the Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell

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  1. How can I breathe better at home when I live in a polluted city?

Breathe easy with a Wi-Fi enabled Smart air purifier.

smart air purifier

Breathe in clean air with a Smart air purifier

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  1. How can I compensate for an uncooperative maid?

Clean those hard to reach areas with the Roomba (iRobot) robot-vacuum cleaner.

Roomba vacuum cleaner

A Smart way to clean those hard to reach places

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  1. How do I cook nutritious meals even when I don’t have enough time??

Cook a healthy, nutritious meal with a smart kitchen assistant such as the Precision cooker (Tasty One Top) or an automatic roti maker (Rotimatic) to save time.

anova Precision Cooker

Cook healthy meals quickly with a Precision meals

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  1. How can I keep track of my fitness routine?

Use the FitBit IFTTT application like the FitBit Aria (smart weighing scale), or even a smartwatch, to keep track of your calorie intake and workout schedule.

Fitbit Fitness Watch

Keep a track of your fitness and calorie intake

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  1. I keep forgetting where I have left my keys, wallet etc? How can I find these things when I’m in a hurry?

Activate lost items with the TrackR app, or ask Alexa to do it for you.

TrackR Wallet - Bluetooth wallet keys purse finder

Trace your keys, wallet or purse in seconds


Great, now that you know what you want, you’re on your way to achieving an easier, clutter-free, smarter lifestyle. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our ‘Practical Living’ section.

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