Now that you’re familiar with home automation, tailored to suit your lifestyle, as well as the costs involved in the entire process, it is time to make some key decisions regarding the kind of home automation you want, and the devices, which will help make your life easier.

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Your Smart home can turn into your dream home

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You must also take into consideration your habits and lifestyle choices as these will help you pick the right devices for your home and way of life. Still unsure? Don’t worry, we have outlined various home automation solutions and devices you can choose based on your own individual needs and lifestyle.

  1. Will your home automation revolution involve an expert or will it be DIY?

There are two basic paths to choose from when it comes to automating your home. You can either have point (individual) devices or fully integrated or retrofitted systems. The major difference is the set-up process. While DIY or point devices can be individually plugged in and used, complete home automation systems have to be physically wired into your house as a complete package. If you choose to go with an integrated system, you’ll most probably need to hire the expertise of a technician to put all the necessary hardware in place, and set up the software. However, if you prefer DIY home automation using individual devices, you’re pretty much good to go. Whatever your approach may be, the opinion of a home automation consultant (like us!) is always helpful.


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A home well connected

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  1. If you choose to go the DIY route, ask yourself these questions

For those who choose individual device upgrades, knowing your habits and daily lifestyle pattern will substantially simplify the selection process. So, ask yourself some of the following questions:


Am I a couch potato?

If binge watching TV shows and movies is your thing, then you may want to consider buying a Smart TV with Internet connectivity. Looking for a cheaper option than that? Have a look at devices such as Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast, and enjoy the smart streaming capabilities they give your regular TV.

Amazon Fire TV unit

Makes your TV smarter

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Do I want more efficiency from my energy use?

We’re sure that you must be well acquainted with the woes of the monthly electricity bill. Lucky for you there is an easy fix, namely Smart adapters and Smart plugs that enable you to automate your appliances, and enable energy saving. Two reliable brands for such devices are Belkin and Oakter.

Belkin WeMo Smart plug

More efficient usage, a smarter home

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Do I want more security?

Home automation technologies allow you to control many aspects of your home, right from your smartphone, tablet, and other similar devices. This utility also extends to security. With devices like Smart cameras, Smart locks, and Smart video doorbells, you can ensure your home’s safety right from your smartphone. Have a look at companies like Nest, Silvan, and Danalock.

Danalock with remote operability

Secure your home the Smart way

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Do I need an assistant?

If you like keeping your home in order, and all your activities planned out, give the Amazon Echo devices a look. These Smart speakers come enabled with a voice-based assistant called Alexa, who can organize your calendar, order your groceries, play music, turn on your TV, and much more–all at the sound of your voice.

Amazon Echo range with Alexa

Need some assistance? The Amazon Echo is what you need!

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Am I absent-minded?

Many people will relate to being unable to find their car keys, house keys, wallet, or other essential items. A smart and affordable solution is offered by the TrackR range of Smart tracking devices. Just attach one it to your keys for instance, and you will be able to find its location on your smartphone within seconds!

TrackR Bravo device

Keep track of all the essentials with the TrackR Bravo

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With the above guidelines, you should be able to get started with your home automation project, a lot more easily. For more specific queries and issues, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help make life easier for you.

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