If you love gadgets such as Smart televisions & multi-room speakers, discovering music, watching Netflix, Amazon Prime or even YouTube, then Smart entertainment devices may just be what you need. But, you need to find gadgets that appeal to your taste and lifestyle. In this article, we provide you with some tips to help you choose the right kind of Smart entertainment that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Know your needs

Smart home entertainment essentially covers three broad categories, one of which will definitely include all your needs. You must look into your recreational lifestyle interests in order to make an informed decision. Having this aspect narrowed down is very helpful, as it provides you with a basic guideline on the kind of devices that you can use.

Shows and Movies: A lot of Smart home entertainment revolves around television and film content, and its consumption. There are online subscription platforms that can be used through PCs, laptops, Smartphones, Smart TVs, etc. There also exist OTT (over-the-top) entertainment, wherein people can watch content free of cost (TheViralFever online site)

Gaming: For those who enjoy gaming, especially on TV-based consoles (Playstation, XBOX), Smart TVs are the most ideal choice. This is because of their WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, that allow users to seamlessly integrate their online and offline experience.

Music: If you enjoy the soulful experience of good music, then a good speaker system (preferably wireless) should be your weapon of choice. You could even bring home an Amazon Smart speaker with an in-built assistant to help you out.

Know your devices

Once you determine your preference, the next step is to choose the right kind of  devices for your living space.

Smart TV and sound systems: Smart TVs come with a range of features and capabilities, like WiFi connectivity, online streaming, etc. If you like console gaming, then having a Smart TV will greatly enhance your experience. A good Smart TV will bear considerable expense however and so you should closely compare prices, features and specs of different brands (Sony, Samsung, LG). Smart Bluetooth speakers from companies such as B&O, Bose, Sony, and others, will go a long way in sprucing up your home entertainment.

Streaming devices: For those who cannot fit a Smart TV into their budget, online streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, are a great alternative. These devices allow you to stream [on platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video, thereby effectively turning your TV into a Smart one.

Home assistant: If you are looking to enhance your  Smart home entertainment, you can opt for one of the Amazon Echo devices. These devices are Smart speakers with a built-in voice assistant called Alexa. But the Echo isn’t just a speaker that can play music, it is also a highly versatile home assistant. Alexa can help you with things like turning devices/lights on and off, and she can also keep schedules, prepare lists, order groceries/food, book tickets, call cabs, and much more; all at your command of your voice.

Know your budget

Like with any other Smart device(s), Smart entertainment devices also vary based on factors such as brand, quality, functionality, etc. To begin with, Smart TVs (as mentioned earlier) could be quite expensive. Even when it comes to devices such as Amazon Echo, the cost will vary from device-to-device, based on the parameters mentioned above. You must therefore, be Smart when it comes to choosing your devices, with regard to your budget.

Set-up matters

There are some Smart devices that have relatively simple installation, while others are more complicated. This especially pertains to devices such as Smart TVs and sound systems. Many of these devices have wiring or other hardware, which are best left to a home automation expert. If you want to try the DIY approach, you can as most  DIY devices are usually simple to install.

What is your vision

When you think of Smart home entertainment, what is the thought that crosses your mind? For instance, do you ant an individual device/s in a single room? Or a home theatre system? Or would you prefer an entertainment system that caters to more than one room? Whatever your Smart home vision may be, the above mentioned devices will undeniably fulfill them.

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