GM wireless home automation kit connects all your appliances in one place – giving you control right at your fingertips. This kit typically includes their range of i-Fi switches, i-Fi light dimmer, i-Fi drape controller, i-Fi door unlock controller, i-Fi socket, i-Fi gateway and infrared sensors.

i-Fi switches

i-Fi switches

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Your lights, fans, and appliances are connected to a central hub or i-Fi gateway using a switch or sensor. It allows you to control fans, lights and other electrical appliances at home with a mobile device, wall-mounted terminal or web-based interface. It acts as a medium interface facilitating communication between smart devices using a mobile app.

The products will be deployed in a coherent way, allowing you to control and schedule connected devices. The combination of these products improves the quality of your lifestyle.

i-fi switches by gm

GM wireless home automation is meant for new homeowners who are looking for a comprehensive solution. With an elegant and sophisticated look, it is ideal for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their home.

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