Fibaro is a prominent name in the home automation industry. It manufactures some of the finest products that provide functionality and control. The Fibaro Home automation kit is aesthetically designed for giving users the best experience. The wireless functionality offer retrofit solutions without the need for any renovations within the wiring system of your home. It typically includes Fibaro Home Center 2, Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Fibaro Switches.

fibaro dimmer 2

Image Source: Fibaro

This kit offers a range of Z-devices that work together to get a complete home automation solution. The lights in your home are connected to the main control unit i.e. Fibaro Home Center 2 with Dimmer 2 and switches to create customized scenes. It is an affordable way to introduce transformative benefits of fully automated homes.

With sleek and compact design, Fibaro Home automation kit blends well with your home decor. Fibaro is compatible with most of the residential applications. You can get rid of unsightly banks of light switches on walls. The more beautiful and structured the lighting is – the more classy your home becomes.

fibaro home center 2

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