The convenience of owning smart roller shutters for your garage can never be undervalued. We all know the troubles of having to exert extra effort to open and shut hefty garage doors. It gets even worse when it rains or snows, or when we are sick, yet we have no choice but to do this by ourselves.

How many times has it happened that you are dressed in your finery and were about to leave for a soirée but then you had to open the dusty garage gates to take your car out? What happens to your attire is left to the imagination! How easy and convenient it would be if you could open or close the garage gates with just the press of a button?

fibaro roller shutter 2

Well with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 you not only can lift or slide heavy garage doors, but also control gates, awnings, and Venetian blind slats with relative ease and precision. The smart device is a backend controller that can easily be installed by fixing it to a switch plate. Once you are done installing the smart device successfully, you need to integrate it with the gates and blinds that you want to automate. You would be able to control them by logging on to the Fibaro Home Center.

So during sunny afternoons, when the bright sunlight filters through the window and distracts you while taking a nap or watching a movie, you can directly log on to the Fibaro Home Center from your smartphone or tablet and dim the shades by controlling it online.

What’s more, the inbuilt automatic calibration system helps the blind, gate or shutter to position itself in a precise manner. In case you forget you shut the garage shut properly while hurrying to a party — do not worry — the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 will do it for you.

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