Riding the ‘smart’ wave, the world pushes itself forward, making everyday living a bit easier every time.  From discovering the wheel to rediscovering the wheel to make it more potent – we live in a world where comfort has become the top priority. Automation is taking over – from automobile industries to now our homes – making our lives worthwhile. And one such company is Control4 – a home automation company that pushes the boundaries in controlling every aspect of your home.



Just like the conductor at the Opera controls every instrument with a wave of his baton, Control4 operates on the same basis. It’s a hub for all the devices which are interconnected with each other. These devices work in an orchestrated symphony controlled by the conductor – Control4. This empowers you with an array of functions which you can control right from Control4’s app or its interface.


Founded in 2003, Control4’s mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. The company wants to deliver convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment for the people at home. Control4 supports more than 8000 devices from third-party manufacturers, giving the end user complete control of his home.


So, how does Control4 automate a home?

The Controller:

This is the brain of your smart home. This system orchestrates your home, allowing the electronic devices to work together—from lighting and security to music and video, and pretty much anything else in between. Be it one room or many, Control4’s controllers are capable of powering your entire home automation system. These controllers are the foundation that makes smart products work together to deliver rich, orchestrated automation.

Control4 controller


1) In-wall touchscreens:

Featuring gorgeous, low-profile designs with edge-to-edge glass, these touchscreens can help you access your home automation system. With a swipe, you can browse your playlist or change the lighting experience. Here the doorbell? Use the video intercom to see who’s at the front door. Or call everyone to dinner with high-quality audio and video. The uses are endless! It dedicatedly controls all the tech inside your home.

Control4 in-wall touchscreen
2) Tabletop touchscreens:

It is similar to the touchscreens on the wall but gives you the ability to carry it to any room. These can be carried over from room-to-room to provide dedicated control over the technology in your home.

Control4 tabletop touchscreen

3) Wireless keypads:

These beautiful looking wireless keypads can have 1-6 buttons which can be configured to function like a preset. There are 38 different possible configurations including the button up and down arrow keys which can be used as volume control. You can use these buttons to trigger scenes, for eg, a “good night” button can be configured to shut off all the lights, lock the doors and arm the alarm, all at once.

Control4 wireless keypad

4) Remote:

Forget all those different remotes for TV, music system, AC etc. All you need is this one universal remote which can give you complete control over the devices in your home. With its incredibly fast response times and customisation options, this remote is intuitive to use. Custom buttons can be used to personalise each room or activity. The display up top makes it easier to understand and operate the required device easily

Control4 remote


Your home might probably be filled with a multitude of devices which will be connected to the internet – each sapping on the bandwidth. Add to that the increasing reliance on streaming services throughout your house and it becomes abundantly clear that a robust, high-performing home network is critical. This is where Control4’s pakedge networking comes in – designed for the unique demands of your connected home.


Pakedge ensures that everything works at all times. Your network traffic is prioritised so your experience is seamless and consistently dependable. Pakedge’s platform evolves as you add more gear to your home. With its traffic segmentation feature, it ensures you never miss a beat with your lifestyle. You’ll get the most out of your home network with Control4’s Pakedge, delivering superior wireless performance and offering the most dependable routers

Control4 network

Mobile app and 4Sight:

The Control4 app turns your smartphone into the ultimate smart home command centre. It connects directly to your system and allows you to control and manage all of your system’s features.  And the interface is similar to those wall and tabletop touchscreens, making it easier for you to interact.

The 4Sight subscription enables you to control your home from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That means you can control lighting, temperature, security and more right from your smartphone from anywhere in the world! You can get notified about a status of a system like “front door open” or ” water leak detected” with 4Sight. It uses secure protocols – the same as those used by financial institutions – ensuring safe access to your home.

Control4 app



1) Lighting:

With Control4, there are endless smart lighting solutions. Wirelessly light up one room or the entire house – everything is possible! Use the wireless keypads to customise a room to light up according to your specification. Motion sensors can automatically turn off the lights when no one is the room. Pair your virtual assistant like Alexa to Control4 and see the magic unfold. For eg, ask Alexa to light the way when you walk into the house with your arms full or turn off all lights at once when it’s your bedtime. Say goodbye to banks of switches when there are smart lighting solutions.


2) Comfort and convenience:

Control4 lets you take comfort and convenience up by a notch. Energy-efficient climate controls let you enjoy personalised comfort settings that can be activated on a schedule – through your phone, touchscreen or by your voice. It also lets you adjust the temperature and humidity according to the season. It also makes your home energy-efficient with automated blinds which can lower or raise according to the lights and thermostats settings. And then there’s the Intercom, which can let you receive calls from the porch, the gate or from anywhere inside of the house. Perfect when someone’s at the door. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to call any touchscreen in the house, so you can see how the kids are doing with the new caretaker. It’s the perfect blend of peace of mind and home control.


3) Peace of Mind:

Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Intelligent security features at your fingertips assure you that all is safe. The Locks and Alerts feature enables you to be notified of the moment when something isn’t right – like a pipe leak or an open basement door. And then there’s Mockupancy, which makes alternates the lights and shades at home to make it feel like it is occupied while you’re away, something similar to what the Philips Hue Smart Bulb does. Also, you can arm or disarm your home’s security features in just one click!


Now those are just some preset solutions. Control4 lets you play around with customised solutions, tailored to suit your taste and demand. It is the answer to complete home automation solution.

We, at Smarthomenx, have several collaborations among different vendors, making it easier to take ‘Control4’ your homes. You can call us or book a consultation right away to bring Control4 to your homes.