Home automation isn’t exactly new or unknown. The turn of the 21st Century has been all about autonomous technology and, how it has made human lives much more comfortable. After all,  who would not like to have the power to control mundane things around the house/office without having to move a muscle?!

There are myriad home automation and smart living solutions available in the market. And while each has its own pros & cons, today we will talk in detail about the EBTL Home Solutions.

EBTL Amour

The EBTL Founding Team

Bright young minds from IIT Kharagpur established EBTL. Armed with an in-house R&D facility, acute technological know-how, a robust manufacturing unit and reliable after-sales service, EBTL aims at making Smart Living, simple!  It was with a vision to surmount the difficulties posed by existing automation systems that EBTL was created. Also of paramount importance was the desire to create an automation system in India that solved the unique challenges posed by Indian infrastructure. EBTL has succeeded well in both these endeavours and its products have been extremely well received by consumers in India and in numerous overseas markets as well. EBTL’s solutions are currently being implemented in commercial, retail, industrial and hospitality projects as well. These implementations are present in multiple continents – Asia, Africa, Europe – and are now expanding to North America as well


Amour 3.0 – Automation Panel by EBTL

Working towards realising their core belief, EBTL recently launched the 3rd generation of the EBTL Home Solutions Systems – an Indian automation panel that aims at ushering in the era of smart living at a typical Indian home. And what do we mean by typical here? Homes – no matter the size and the electricity woes – which realise just how comfortable life can be made with the addition of the right home-solutions oriented technology.

Primarily an automation panel, the EBTL Amour 3.0 is built with a focus on being retrofitted (i.e. it does not necessarily require any new wiring) and being used even in homes riddled with voltage fluctuations, short-circuits, power cuts, etc.

The panel comes with two connection modes – hotspot and internet. And it can take instructions via the panel, its own smartphone app and through voice commands. It weighs approximately 1.5kg, is an 8”x6” / 12 module box, and comes with 2 USB ports which can help power-up your smartphone too.

EBTL Amour
Primary Features of EBTL Amour 3.0

In addition to the above primary ace features, the Amour 3.0 is loaded with quality attributes. One of its USPs is its ability to connect to the internet and thus offer-up a host of services like remote login, scheduling, device locking, checking the status of devices and so on.

To give you an example of just how useful these features can prove to be, consider the following. Say your child has an exam coming up and he/she doesn’t comply with the rule of switching off the TV after a specific period of time. In such situations, you can set up a schedule time-out through Amour 3.0 wherein the electric supply to the TV will get cut-off after a pre-decided period of time. And the cherry on the cake is that you don’t have to be present at home to do this deed, you can remote login through the app and schedule it. That’s pretty neat, right? Not just that, you can even have the power to lock up power outlets, so that there’ll be no power to turn on the TV until the authorised personnel lets you to.

EBTL Amour

The diverse control options that this panel offers is what makes using it an absolutely hassle-free experience. Don’t want to get up from the chair to switch the fan off, just speak to the panel (making use of the voice command feature) and get the job done! Working in the kitchen and suddenly you realise that you’ve left the lights in the upstairs bedroom on, simply shut them off from the panel directly without walking all the way back!

And if the light emanating from the buttons/icons of Amour’s touch panel disturbs you, then you can use the sleep mode to put the panel, to well, sleep while the connected devices remain fully functional.


Customisation – Your Home, Your Panel

Everyone builds their home with a lot of love and care. And we all like to add a touch of us – our ideas, our tastes, our preferences – into our homes. Keeping this need in mind, the Amour 3.0 allows you to personalise the panel via the change mode. You can change the name of the device, categorise the rooms and personalise the same. You can even customise the panel to look as per your liking! These customizations can be in terms of logo, icons, favourite features etc. It allows you to create different Moods/Scenes with a pre-defined combination of switches to suit your style. This combination can then be saved in the Favourites list. One touch and the room’s lights, AC, TV and more settings will get adjusted exactly the way you like it to be!

EBTL Amour

Energy-Friendly – The Need of the Hour

The EBTL Amour 3.0 is extremely power friendly. If increasing power bills are a major cause of concern, then using the Power Metering Analytics from the panel you can keep track of all the connected device’s historical power usage data. Furthermore, you can control the power sent to each device thereby playing an active role in regulating the power consumed by you and the power bills paid by you, too.

EBTL Amour

Installation, Budget & Warranty

The EBTL Amour 3.0 is simple and easy to install. It doesn’t require any special wiring and can be used with your existing wirings. It takes just minutes to install! It’s completely Indianised – hence it can work perfectly even on an inverter during a power cut. It can restore the device back to its original state after a power cut. It comes with 5 years of assurance. That ensures 5 years of worry-free usage. For the first 3 years, the product can be replaced in case of any manufacturing or software malfunctioning. In the subsequent 2 years, the product will be repaired free of charge and when deemed necessary, you’ll be provided with a stand-by panel. With an investment of around Rs. 1 – 1.25 lakhs to automate a 2 BHK which includes installation cost and 5 years of assurance, the EBTL Amour 3.0 makes for a sound smart home, smart living solution.

To know more about how you can seamlessly integrate the EBTL Amour 3.0 into your home, book a consultation with us.