We live in a generation where everything is getting ‘smart’. From Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators to Smart LED bulbs and Smart washrooms too! And bringing all the above together is the notion of Smart Living aka Home Automation; wherein homes are being designed to be wirelessly connected and work as per the principles of Internet of Things.

There is a multitude of products available in the market that make Smart Living a reality. From voice command devices to specialised door-bells that are wi-fi enabled & allow for audio/video recognition, to LED lights that can switch colours on basis of the music being played – the choice is varied and pretty much spoils the consumer for choice.

And while most products work in isolation, there is one which does a great job at integration. Toyama Wizhom basically brings your home together in a truly smart & unique way making it an ideal choice for those who want to go smart, all out!


Toyama – An Indian Silicon Valley Product:

Conceptualised in the Silicon Valley of India, Toyama Controls and Systems has been operating the home automation and smart living space for 20 years. Backed by R&D, and a strong manufacturing unit, Toyama offers products that are integral to bringing in the “smart” component to homes and offices.


Tgate – The Master Controller of Wizhom

Wizhom by Tayoma is a bunch of the wireless solution products that you can install across your home to realise your home automation dreams. However, first, to get the Wizhom products to work, you need to install the Tgate. A 4th generation product, the Tgate is the Master Controller of all Wizhom wireless devices. To put it simply, just like you need a router to get the wi-fi in your home working, you need the Tgate to get your house wirelessly connected by Wizhom.

Toyama Wizhom Tgate - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

         Toyama Wizhom Tgate


24 hours & 3 steps is all it takes to install the Tgate and all the Wizhom products in your house, no matter the number of rooms and their size.

1) Place the Tgate in a central location of your home and power it up

2) Install Toyama wireless switches in your regular modular switch boxes

3) Install the app on your phone and you’re ready to control your home


Wizhom Installation - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

      Wizhom – Installation

And the best part is that the installation can happen at any stage – during construction, renovation, while moving into a new home or when you’re already living in your home and just looking for a smart upgrade! Moreover, once the Tgate is installed, it gives you the liberty to add Wizhom devices as and when you’re comfortable. Say, you can choose to get your kitchen automated today and then get your living room/bedroom smartly set-up some months later!  

This brings us to the budget.

Starting from Rs. 50,000 that enables automation for one room, to Rs. 300,000 that will make possible end-to-end connectivity across a standard 3BHK, the price range is wide enough to allow you to consider how far along you want to traverse in the Toyama home automation galaxy.


Wizhom – The App & The Products

Tgate operates completely on the cloud. And all Wizhom products, electrical outlets and electronic devices can be accessed from the Toyama app itself. This universality allows for seamless and complete control. No more juggling of multiple apps to control and work different devices in your home; the magic happens via one single app!


–    Setting the Mood – Lighting and Controls:

Your coffee machine, your geyser, your AC – all these essentials can be controlled from the app, You can schedule to switch them ON or OFF as per your need. If RGB LED lights are installed in your home, then you can control the hues in your room and thereby create a stunning ambience, all from the app itself. If you’re reading dim the lights and if you need to find something, brighten them all from the Wizhom app!


Ambiant Lighting - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

 Set the Mood with Lights

–    Remote-less Entertainment:

We all how managing different remote controls for different devices can be a hassle. With Wizhom, you can go remoteless! Once you set up Wizhom’s Media Controller and connect it to the Tgate, you can control every IR based device from your smartphone. The Wizhom Media Controller allows you to control your set-top boxes, your TV, your home theatre system, your music system – all at once and all from one app.


–    Never Too Cold or Too Hot:

Easy-to-use Toyama Thermostats have all the features that further enhance and realise the dream that is comfortable, smart living. The Thermostats help you maintain the temperatures in your rooms and are a great way to facilitate energy saving. Either through the well-lit thermostat panel or via the Wizhom app, you can schedule the AC to switch on at a particular time so that the room is cooled before you enter it, and/or you can schedule the AC to switch off so that it doesn’t get too cold! Now that’s home automation made cool, literally! 

Thermostat - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX



–    Knock! Knock! – Access Control:

Keeping safety in mind, the Wizhom biometric doors and IP cameras make possible controlled entry in your home/office. The biometric doors only allow passage to those who have their fingerprints registered in the system. And if there’s a visitor, then you can look at who the person is on your Wizhom app (if you’re not at home) or on a wall-mounted TV (for when you are). The cherry on the cake is that when you need to let the person in, you can do that from the app too! Isn’t that some amazingly smart home automation control?!

Never miss a Visitor! - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

Never Miss a Visitor!

Voice Assistants Made Smarter with Wizhom:

Want to feel like Tony Stark from Iron Man – the man who speaks with his robot assistant Jarvis and seamlessly gets things done in and around his home/workspace? Well, with voice assistants (like Alexa & Google) connected to Wizhom, you definitely can! For one, you can pre-configure settings which can be triggered through your voice. For example, saying ‘Good Night’ to Alexa/Google Home will trigger Wizhom to turn off all the lights, switch on the corridor lights and set locks into secure mode.

There! Your voice assistant just got life breathed into it thanks to Toyama Home Automation solutions. Definitely worth it, no?  

Supports Alexa/Google Home - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

Supports Alexa/Google Home

–    Security Ante Upped:

Gas sensors, magnetic door contacts, biometric door locks, motion sensors, wireless cameras and safety alarms add a thick layer of security to your home. Magnetic doors ensure that the door is secure and the system alerts the user whenever there is an intrusion. Biometric door-locks only allow entry to the people who have their fingerprints registered. Gas sensors, well, detect gas leaks. And if you aren’t home, you can put your home into the secure mode and have the motion sensors kick in to gauge irregular activity.

Security Secured - Home Automation with SmarthomeNX

 Security, Secured


Smart homes sound complicated, but Toyama Wizhom definitely does its bit to simplify it and most importantly, make it accessible. With its abundant & robust features, Toyama home automation solutions truly allow you to feel that you’re living the best of what technology, in the 21st century, has to offer.

For further details and enquiries about Toyama Wizhom, you can book a consultation with us.