With smart devices coming to the fore, individuals today are empowered to control their household systems with a click of a button. Likewise, controlling lights with your voice used to be something that you only saw in mythological serials. But now, you too can feel that power owing to the smart technology.

What is so special about the Fibaro RGBW controller? Its ability to change colours and set different moods with the help of RGBW lights. One need not change their furniture or revamp their interiors, but simply use the smart RGBW controller to recreate a scene or set an ambiance that they want.

fibaro rgbw controller

The RGBW controller controls the RGB led strips and other RGB lights connected to it. To set the RGBW controller rolling, one has to connect it to the RGB led lights and then embed it with the main switchboard and configure it with the mobile app. Once that is done, you are all set to create different hues of mind-boggling colours at your home.  

Be it a party or a dinner date at home, the Fibaro RGBW controller also allows you to recreate a scene you desire. For instance, if you wish your home to sport a classy disco setting, all you have to do is command the mobile app to flash disco lights. And voila!

To control the lights via smartphones or tablets, the RGBW controller has to be linked to the Home Center Lite system online. It will automatically connect you to the Fibaro RGBW controller dashboard from where you can adjust the light as per your liking.

Moreover, the smart device can also generate different romantic settings right from creating a soothing fireplace ambiance to a romantic rosy candlelight ambiance. Almost anything your heart desires.

So if you are thinking about installing Fibaro RGBW controllers in different rooms of your home, book a consultation with Smarthome NX!

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