Did you ever imagine that you could do more with the lights than just switching it on and off? Customising the amount of light you need as per the day, lifestyle or event is something that we all wish for! Not only that, the ability to control the lights remotely is considered as a cherry on the cake.  Owing to the smart technology, all this is possible.

Crestron Zum wireless lighting is one of mankind’s marvelous inventions. Apart from its smart lighting functionality, the classic contours of this device make it a perfect fit to blend into the walls of any home. It not only provides comfort to the mind but also soothes the human eye with its ability to control the light.

creston zum wireless lighting

Setting up the wireless device is relatively easy. You can control the light at home through a dimmer offered or from your iPhone or Android smartphone apps. You can begin setting it up in one space at home or several and perhaps even add it to a centralized network.

For a novice, setting up smart lighting switches may seem a little daunting, but not with Zum. All of its devices are designed to easily couple with dimmers, keypads or smartphones. Similarly, one can easily operate the device through the Zum app which makes it easy for a user to set scenes, optimize the light according to their mood and even set up a timer for scheduled events.

To derive the best experience from the lighting system, one can fix the Zum Network Bridge into the Zum Lead Controller which is already installed in your room. This allows the user to control light in one or several areas with great ease.

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