It is scientifically proven that lighting can do wonders to uplift your mood, mind, and well-being. Taking a cue from this and moving a step forward modular lighting panels are a perfect choice for those who love design want to improve the look of their rooms while enjoying the symphony of light and music.

Decorative light panels, like the one Nanoleaf, has in store, can add a lot of value to your home.  

Nanoleaf light panels are smart lighting devices that are not only an opulent addition to your household items but are exceptionally designed light panels that blend well within the interiors of your rooms.

nanoleaf light panels

One can arrange these beautiful light panels into any shape they want. Be it a heart, square or a perfectly round circle, these light panels seem to fit in just well on any wall of your room. Likewise, the mounting tape available allows users to mount the device on any flat surface.

How on earth can a lighting panel produce music? Well, for Nanoleaf light panels – coupling light with the music of your choice is a cakewalk. To immerse oneself into a symphony of light, a user has to only plug the Rhythm add-on module into any light panel, which then converts music into light. The light panels react to all genres of music.

One can fully control their lighting inside the App, generate scenes of your choice and share the same with the user community. Furthermore, you can also use your voice through Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to activate scenes.

If you are looking forward to bring your dull home to life, look no further as Nanoleaf Lights can help to enliven your mood. Book a consultation with Smarthome NX for more details!

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