We started our journey to help consumers find the best in Smart home automation ideas, products and services in India when we launched our platform on 15th August 2017. However, we realised soon enough that we can not do this alone. Therefore, with our Expert Collaborative program we are inviting the best brands and OEMs to join us and help bring customer centricity to the solutions we offer in Smart home automation and grow their business.

Smarthome NX at AIR Summit 1

Smarthome NX at AIR Summit 2

Smarthome NX at AIR Summit 3

In an attempt to make our voice louder and reach out to the industry, we participated in the AIR Summit in Hyderabad. Our keynote evaluated the barriers to Smart home adoption from the end customer perspective and how the industry can bring ‘lifestyle’ problems at the centre of its R&D, product development and sales process.

Check out our keynote presentation below which you can download. Feel free to reuse the information for any presentations you may have. (with due credits to us 🙂 )

Our Presentation:


Glimpses from our presentation:


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