A doorbell cam and smart locks are in the list of door security systems that are newly introduced by August.

August Door lock models

The latest Door security devices from August

Image source: august.com


August has made it possible to up your door security game by introducing three new smart door security systems in the US market. Two smart locks and a doorbell cam are included in the list of products introduced by the brand. One of the smart locks, which goes by the name Smart Lock Pro comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to help you keep closer track of security. Connectivity with the smart lock is made possible with the help of the Z-wave system and it also works with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

DoorSense is a major feature that is attached to the smart lock series. This is a technology that helps users in ensuring that the door is actually closed, locked and secured using a sensor system. The other variant of the Smart Lock series is not as feature driven as the Smart Lock Pro. However, it is designed to make the use of the security systems convenient. This is a good alternative for those who are new to the smart door lock and want to get a grip on it before going all out with the technology.

Home automation stalwart August has upgraded its DoorBell Cam and created the DoorBell Cam Pro. One of the most striking differences between the old and the new device is that the newer bell cam is equipped with light and motion sensors. There is a floodlight installed with the DoorBell Cam that helps capture night time videos with better clarity and also aides in the better working of the motion sensor.

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