The Tasty One Top is a smart hot plate that has been developed by BuzzFeed Product Labs

Tasty One Pot and Tasty App

The Tasty One Pot syncs with the Tasty App allowing you to cook their recipes to perfection


BuzzFeed Inc., the digital media company, is all set to make its debut in the smart appliance market with a hot plate, called Tasty One Top, with the help of GE Appliance’s First Build Team. Now available for pre-order (shipping is set for November ‘17) and priced at $149, these hot plates can sync with the Tasty iOS App (the Android version is yet to launch) and help you follow Tasty recipes accurately. However, its capabilities aren’t limited to this– the One Top also allows you to adjust temperatures manually, if you’re looking to experiment with a recipe.

The One Top, that’s affiliated with BuzzFeed’s extremely popular cooking brand, ‘Tasty’, is able to automatically adjust to temperature levels that have been specified in a Tasty recipe on the app. In addition to automatically adjusting its temperature, the One Top also tracks cooking time, and can tell you whether it’s time to move to the next step of the Tasty recipe or not— thereby helping you cook Tasty dishes perfectly.  

Hear all about the Tasty One Top from the BuzzFeed team.

Available in two different colors, i.e. blue and black, this induction cooktop also supports sous vide, and comes with a thermometer that lets you monitor the internal temperature of the food you’re cooking. And for those wondering why this hot plate is an unusual shape (a pentagon), the BuzzFeed website provides a simple reason: “Because Instagram.”

The Tasty One Top is not the first of its kind, but is definitely cheaper compared to its competitors, like the Paragon Induction cooktop ($300), or the Heston Cue ($650). Additionally, this cooktop has been specially made for Tasty’s large fan base and seems like a convenient and easy way to master our favorite recipes.

We’re looking forward to using this convenient, Instagram-worthy cooktop, and see how well it helps us throw the dinner parties we never thought we could, by improving our precision-cooking.

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