There are many ways to keep your home safe and secure with home automation in Kerala. Here we are going to show how home automation enhances your security and make you stay safe.

Smart locks

Smart locks are the best devices that protect your home and belongings. You can control your home security when you are away by using smart locks. Whether it is using smartphone or tablet, the options are endless. You can even use smart locks to create an extra layer of protection for your belongings. However, it is advised to limit automated locks to the entrance door.   

smart locks

Smart locks

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Smart shading

Smart shading not only makes your house look beautiful but makes your rooms more private. You can obscure the view of your indoors by adding sunshades. Smart shades can protect your house from UV lights, heat and dust. Installing shades that respond automatically to the temperature will help you protect your property.

Smart lights

Smart lights can be scheduled with home automation to keep your home more secure. By setting your lights to be automated, you can keep intruders at the bay by creating the scene that someone is at home. Burglars and thieves are reluctant to enter homes that are occupied. You can schedule the timing during which you want the smart lights to switch ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’.

smart lights

Smart lights

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Smart sensors

Devices with smart sensors can help homeowners manage the risk by enabling remote monitoring if they fail to notice. For example – smoke sensors provide remote monitoring than a classic alarm system. They can interface with mobile apps or remote hub – alerting the owner to potential risks. Whether it is water sensor or smart thermostat, the sensor alerts the homeowner when the water or temperature rises above a threshold.     

The safety and security features vary widely by manufacturers and products. Evaluate the safety features and security issues of each smart device. Activate the security features of the device to make sure that the device alerts if it loses the connection.


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