It all started with a fire inside a cave, emitting light to brighten up the future. Now we are here where you don’t need to play with fire to light up the room. People from Nanoleaf had already gifted us with light panels which add a whole new lighting experience to our rooms – making lamps and chandeliers look obsolete! Now they are here with some new updates – Nanoleaf is going touch-sensitive with the new Canvas!


You heard that right! The new and improved prodigy child of the award-winning Nanoleaf Light Panels is now going to be reactive to your touch. The already Nanoleaf Aurora got prettier with the Canvas. The changes with Canvas include a cross in the middle of each panel so the light can distribute evenly across the surface.  The touch-sensitive panels are mesmerising to watch as it sends a wave of light rippling across the setup everytime you touch. One major change is that the total number of panels you can connect from a single power source has dropped from 1,000 to 500. But that’s still a good number.

nanoleaf canvas

The Aurora panels are triangles whereas panels of Canvas are squares. Like the Aurora, the Canvas can be setup using sticky tabs on your ways, plugging them in and connecting to your Wifi network. From there, you can use the Nanoleaf app or the available preset to play around with hundreds of colours. There won’t be dedicated physical buttons on the panels as it was on Aurora. Instead, one of the panels on the Canvas will have touch button icons along the bottom edge to replace those controls. There is also a shuffle button for you to play around with new colours. There is a built-in microphone along with the buttons for you to sync the panels along with the music you’re listening to.


Nanoleaf Canvas is set to hit the markets on December 1st 2018. Each start kit from Nanoleaf will consist of 9 panels and the power supply. Aren’t you waiting to get your hands on those panels and add colours to life? We sure are!


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