Amazon just launched a slew of new products along with some updations to their current line-up. There’s a whole bunch of Echo devices and a set of improvements for Alexa across all Alexa-friendly devices – making it smarter than ever before. With the new Amazon Echo, Alexa can perform a lot better and do more tasks now. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the whole line-up.


  1. New Alexa Features
    Alexa got it’s AI upgraded. With Alexa Guard, you can trigger home security measures when you say something like, “Alexa, I’m leaving.” If you have forgotten to switch off the lights before heading out, Alexa will now remind you of those. Local voice control enables Alexa to work locally without internet. With the new Amazon Echo, Video Doorbell will allow Echo Show to work with Ring and August doorbell cameras. Features like – Location-Based Reminders, Cook with Alexa, Multi-step Requests, Email Integration, and Whisper Mode – are on the way!

    New Alexa features

  2. Amazon Echo Show 2018 (2nd gen)
    With a 10-inch HD display, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat, and a built-in smart home hub, the Echo Show has received a bunch of updates. The doorbell integration will allow you to see who’s at the door through Echo Show. This device will also have Skype calling, Alexa calling, and Drop-In calling. Users will be able to watch online content as well.
    New Amazon Echo Show 2018

  3. Amazon Echo Dot 2018 (3rd gen)
    The music experience in your home is all set to get louder and richer! The new Amazon Echo Dot has gotten amazing sound upgrades ensuring that you absolutely fall in love with what you hear! The devices come in four new colours – Charcoal, Heather, Gray, and Sandstone, and is covered with a fabric finish. So pick one that suits your personality and simply, listen away!
    New Amazon Echo Dot 2018 (3rd gen)
  4. Amazon Echo Plus 2018 (2nd gen)
    The 2018 generation gets a modified design and an upgraded sound. The new Amazon Echo Plus has Zigbee smart home control abilities and a new temperature sensor; hence it will be easier to control the things around the house with Alexa.
    New Amazon Echo Plus 2018 (2nd gen)
  5. Amazon Echo Auto
    Spend most of your time in your car travelling to & from work? Well, then the Echo Auto is just the smart upgrade your car needs. With the Amazon Echo Auto, the driver can now easily interact with Alexa, thanks to the 8-microphone array which can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise. This device is powered by a USB port or 12V power outlet and it transmits audio through a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth to the car’s stereo.
    New Amazon Echo Auto

  6. Amazon Fire TV Recast:
    Want local over-the-air TV content for no additional fee? Get the Fire TV Recast! It’s a DVR which connects to an HDTV antenna providing you with free content. It can record 2-4 shows at a time and has storage capacities of 500GB or 1TB. Simply, WOW!
    Amazon Fire TV Recast

  7. Amazon Echo Wall Clock
    Alexa in a wall clock? Yes! The clock relies on the new Amazon Echo to reach Alexa as it does not have mics or speakers. It is a smart device to display times and timers through its 60-LED rings.
    New Amazon Echo Wall Clock

  8. Amazon Echo Input
    Now turn any speaker into an Echo-like device with Echo Input. This device has 4-microphone array and can connect to any 3rd party speaker. Echo Input is the brain and the ears, the internet connectivity and requires a 3rd party speaker to transmit audio.
    New Amazon Echo Input

  9. Amazon Echo Sub
    The new Amazon Echo Sub is here to hit those low frequencies. People who love to listen to music through their Echo devices can connect the Echo Sub to their existing devices and add some bass to their music.
    New Amazon Echo Sub

  10. Amazon Echo Link
    An audio component with a brain – that’s what Echo Link is. It allows your stereo system to stream music services. The Echo Link is loaded with analog, optical, coax, headphone 3.5mm, and subwoofer line-outs. It also supports multi-room music with Alexa and has a big fat volume knob.
    New Amazon Echo Link

  11. Amazon Echo Link Amp
    Take everything that Echo Link has. Add 60W 2-channel amplifier with left-right speaker binding post outputs. And boom! You now have the new Amazon Echo Link Amp. It can support direct wiring of both passive and/or non-powered speakers of all sorts.

    New Amazon Echo Link Amp

  12. AmazonBasics Microwave
    AmazonBasics Microwave works similar to the new Amazon Echo Wall Clock. it does not have a microphone or speaker but connects with Echo to obey every microwave-based commands. That’s one smart microwave for you!
    AmazonBasics Microwave

  13. Amazon Smart Plug
    Convert any of your old non-smart devices into a smart one with the Amazon Smart Plug. The Smart Plug has no microphone or speaker. Instead, it connects to your Alexa-enabled devices to act as part of your larger smart home ecosystem. You can switch on/off the devices connected to this plug by turning the power supply on/off.
    Amazon Smart Plug

  14. Ring Stick Up Cam 2018
    The Ring was acquired by Amazon back in April of 2018 and now it will be rolling out with Alexa. The newest version of the Ring Stick Up Cam will come in white or black, wired or wireless, with the wired edition coming with power over ethernet.
    Ring Stick Up Cam 2018