It started with Amazon, then Xiaomi and then it was Google’s turn to grab the limelight. The company has blessed us with a range of new Google Pixel products and, we are just as excited as you are. A large number of leaks of their new smartphone did not deter Google from unveiling a slew of new products and the synergy between hardware, software and the AI used. So here we are, presenting you with new smartphones, a smart home assistant and a premium tablet.

1) Google Home Hub:

Going along the trend of home-assistant-with-a-screen (insert Amazon Echo Show here), Google unveiled its Home Hub. It’s basically a Google Home with a 7-inch touchscreen display that will extend Google Assistant’s functions with visual information, beyond its standard voice responses.

Google Pixel Home Hub

Services like YouTube, Maps, Calendar, Search is seamlessly integrated into the device itself. You can search with your voice and instead of a vocal response, you get a vocal + visual response to the content requested.

Now, the Home Hub comes handy as Google demonstrated its usefulness in the kitchen. The Hub can display you with step-by-step video recipe from food site Tasty. Coupled with Youtube, the Home Hub lets you put on your toque and get cooking with ease.

With their aim to centralise every smart home function, the Home Hub lets you control all your smart home devices from one place. The Home view dashboard is simple and intriguing to use with easy controls.

Google Pixel Home Hub 2

And, when the Home Hub is idle, it transforms itself into a Google Photo slideshow digital photo frame. The AI can recognise the best photos, avoiding bad and blurry images, from your Photos and display it in your Home Hub.

The Google Home Hub is a step forward when compared to your average old voice assistant. You can get a lot done when you have a screen to play with. The smart home device control capability makes it a complete package.


2) Pixel Slate:

The Google Pixel Slate is the company’s answer to premium tablets like the Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Slate runs on Google’s Chrome OS  instead of Android – Google’s attempt to provide its users with a full-blown desktop experience in a tablet form.

Google Pixel slate

The Slate is sleek, with curved edges and easy-to-hold form factor. Google claims it has a low centre of gravity which makes it easier to handle. The 12.3-inch ultra-high resolution ‘Molecular Display’ can display sharp and bright images while being battery-efficient. It also has two front-firing speakers to better the multimedia experience. The Slate has 8 mp cameras on the front and back which is optimised for video calling. It can also shoot portrait mode photos. For easier typing, the Slate can be paired with a snap-on keyboard (which is an additional accessory) with a fully functional trackpad.

The Slate sports the 2018 trend of omitting the headphone jack. Though it has USB type-C, two of them, for 4K video and fast charging. For security, there’s a fingerprint scanner built into the power button. There’s also the Titan security chip for added security.

The Slate looks promising. Positioned right in the other premium tablet market, the Google Pixel Slate should be a good contender for those who love a pure experience.


Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL:

After a ton of leaks – it’s finally out in the open. The Google Pixel 3 and the 3 XL – Google’s flagship phones have now been unveiled. So, what different the 3 has to offer compared to its last year’s flagship?

Google Pixel 3

For starters, the 3 and the 3 XL has a larger screen and taller screen aspect ratio. Pixel 3 has a screen size of 5.5 inches while the 3 XL has a 6.5 inch, which stretches to the borders and carries a big notch. The OLED screens have thinner bezels for a more streamlined edge-to-edge experience. Apart from the bigger screen, slightly higher battery capacity and the notch, there’s no other difference between the Pixel 3 and the 3 XL.

The previous Google Pixel’s camera was considered as the best smartphone camera out in the market. And single 12.2 mp camera of the new Pixel 3 and the 3 XL is set to retain the title. With tons of software enhancements, Google has upped its camera ante. The features include

– Top shot: the AI-assisted system lets you pick the best pick out of a bunch of burst shots.

– Photobooth: lets you capture your funny faces, winks, smiles etc, handsfree!

– Super Res Zoom: Stitching multiple images you provide you with a high-res digital zoom.

– Night Sight: AI and ML enhance low light shots to a whole new level.

– Playground: Real-time AR Stickers which can interact with you

– Adjustable Portrait Mode: Adjust the aperture after the shot

– Google Lens: real-time object detection without relying on the cloud

On the front, there are two cameras now. One normal and one wide-angle camera to capture everyone in those group selfies. Google claims that the Pixel 3’s selfie camera can capture 184% more real estate than the iPhone XS’s front camera.

The visual core chip of the Pixel is the one powering all the photographic capabilities of this smartphone.

For security, it still retains the fingerprint scanner on the back. There’s also a Titan security chip on the inside to strengthen the security features. And then there’s the Call Screen feature – AI which can answer the phones for you and provide you with a transcript of the phone conversation. Talk about having a Robot Secretary!

And finally, the Pixel 3s are all glass-back and hence, there’s support for wireless charging. Google has launched the Pixel Stand which can wirelessly charge your Pixel and also turn your phone into an interactive nightstand display of sorts.

Google Pixel stand

The Pixel 3s come in shades of white, black and ‘not’ pink.

The new products from Google should definitely make it cut in the market. The new AI and ML look promising and Google’s products for 2018 lays down the groundwork other companies to beat!