Oneplus started off in 2013 as a company offering stunning performance and features at an affordable rate. And today, the company still stands by its original motto with the Oneplus 6T – a smartphone that can compete with phones twice the price!


S + 1 = T, and hence, the T variants of the Oneplus devices were born. Oneplus releases the incrementally updated T variant only if there’s enough progression in technology. And with the 6T, these upgrades are in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner, a bigger battery and a screen that reaches almost all the corners.

The Oneplus 6 was already a beast of a device and maintaining the status quo, the 6T comes with a couple of new features. Here are the changes in detail:

1) In-display fingerprint scanner:

No face scanning or iris scanning or a biometric fingerprint scanner here. Oneplus adopted the in-display fingerprint scanner where the technology is in its second generation at the moment but does its part efficiently. It’s not as fast as the physical one but does its job in 0.4 seconds. The technology uses a camera underneath the display to read your fingerprint. And this helps in increasing the screen real estate and enhancing the aesthetics of the phone.


2) Bigger display, smaller notch:

Oneplus adopted the notch with the 6, which was the traditional kind. The notch is still a controversy for many since it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. So, Oneplus upped the game by a ‘notch’ with the waterdrop notch. It meant losing the notification LED, but it still houses the front camera and the other essential sensors. The speaker grill is a thin one right at the edge of the phone. The notch helped increase the screen real-estate and now boasts of an 85.6% screen to body ratio!


3) Bigger Battery:

Everyone’s a sucker for battery life and Oneplus heard the cries. The 6T comes with a 3700 mAh battery that is good enough for more than one day of usage for the average user. Coupled with the efficient Snapdragon 845 and the blazing fast ‘Fast Charge technology’, the battery backup of the 6T is brilliant.


4) New Camera features:

There are no hardware changes in the camera department. Though Oneplus has now introduced the Nightscape mode – a mode which enables you to click brilliant low-light images. It’s a lot similar to the Night Sight mode in the Pixel 3 XL, but remember, both this software are in their early stages! So we can expect some mind-blowing night shots in the coming months from the 6T!

oneplus 6t

Shot on Oneplus 6T

Addressing the elephant in the room – there’s no headphone jack! That’s a big bummer for a majority of the people, but after a rational review, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is an old school technology waiting for an upgrade. And wireless is the future! Nonetheless, the 6T is a brilliant phone for the price it is being offered on. Flagship performance for a not-so-flagship price of Rs. 37,999 makes it a steal-deal. Get your hands on this beast here


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