FlexWash is Samsung’s new Internet of Things-enabled washing machine aimed at revolutionizing laundry-doing

Samsung FlexWash

FlexWash comes with two drums, allowing you to do two different wash cycles simultaneously.

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On Friday, August 11, 2017, Samsung India added a new smart product to its portfolio by launching its new smart washing machine, the FlexWash. This product is unique in that it incorporates two washers into a single unit.

The first of its kind by Samsung, FlexWash, priced at INR 1,45,000, just hit Samsung outlets and other prominent electronics/appliance retailers and offers an innovative and convenient way to do laundry— especially for urban dwellers looking for a quick and hassle-free way to do their laundry.

FlexWash, which is IoT-enabled, has two drums— a top load with a capacity of 3.5 kgs and a bottom one with a capacity of 21 kgs, so that consumers can use different wash cycles at the same time, allowing them to avoid doing 2-3 laundry cycles in a day. Additionally, this smart appliance has been embedded with three of Samsung’s laundry technologies, viz. EcoBubble and Bubble Soak (which result in better cleaning), and Vibration Reduction Technology, also referred to as VRT Plus for an almost noiseless cleaning process.

As an IoT appliance, FlexWash is combined with Smart Control, thereby allowing consumers to use and control the washer-dryer from anywhere, and at any time from their smartphones.

Terming it as “a perfect blend of state-of-the-technology, utility and aesthetics”, Samsung India’s Director, Rishi Suri aims to revolutionize doing laundry, by making it a more convenient and flexible chore with the help of FlexWash.

Though interesting, only time will tell whether this smart appliance lives up to what it’s promising. It’s true success can and will only be measured when the FlexWash actually helps us save time, makes doing the laundry less tiresome. Let’s wait and watch.

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