Major players of the OS world foresee artificial intelligence as our future.

At the launch of Essential’s new smartphone, Andy Rubin, the man responsible for one of the most popular operating systems of today, Android, stated that he sees artificial intelligence (AI) as the next big thing. He went on to saying that no matter where these gadgets are, whether they’re in our home or cars, or are our cellphones, they are going to be controlled by AI, thereby beginning a new era of technology.

essential home

Essential’s new Essential Home











Rubin’s not the only one who thinks this. The world’s largest Internet company, Google Inc., is headed in a similar direction. In 2016, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google Inc. spoke about Google’s aim to revolutionize operating systems as we know today and use artificial intelligence for developing a “personal Google for everyone, everywhere.”

google home

Google’s smart home device, Google Home

Both, Essential and Google, are looking to build this new world of artificial intelligence by delving into the smart home market. Essential, Andy Rubin’s start up, recently announced a new smart home device, Essential Home, that’s going to be powered by Ambient OS. Google is looking to add more smart home devices to its portfolio, as well. Furthermore, it is rumored that Apple is going to announce a new Siri speaker at WWDC.

To develop artificial intelligence as an OS isn’t child’s play.  For instance, Google’s Assistant has a long way to go to even come close to where the company wants it to be. Luckily, the tech giant has the infrastructure that’s required for this. Same goes with Andy Rubin’s Playground that’s working towards the development of an OS that integrates AI.

It seems like all the big kids in the tech world are looking to conquer the smart home market with artificial intelligence. Take Google Android Oreo for instance – it comes with a feature known as ‘WiFi Aware’ that allows devices to talk and work with each other without a WiFi connection. And so, in terms for smart homes, this is a big step into a new age of technology, as presently, smart homes thrive on a WiFi connection. This step by Google Android could seriously change the smart home game. Additionally, there are rumors that Google is trying its best to one-up the Amazon Echo Dot by launching a smaller version of Google Home.

We’re excited for this new era of technology and can’t wait to try out these devices if and when they hit the market. Till then, Google, Essential, and maybe Apple, will probably have to spend a good amount time and resources on R&D to give us what they’re promising.

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